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Yoga and Exercises to Deal with Diabetes

Diabetes is spreading all over the world at a very fast pace. There was a time, when only 55+ people were victim of this disease, but now even new born are not safe from Diabetes. Is there anyway we can safeguard ourself from Diabetes?? Or is it even possible to keep sugar levels under control even after one is diagnosed with Diabetes? The answer is Yes!!! Yes, Yoga and Exercises to deal with Diabetes and keep sugar levels under control or even away from you. Let’s find out how and which yoga and exercises –

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Yoga and Exercises to deal with diabetes

Morning Walk-

There is nothing better than a walk in nature early in morning. A walk anytime can make your body work more effectively and efficiently but a walk early morning gives you mental peace at the same time. The fresh air we get early morning can help your body much more. Stay regular with your walking.

P.S- If you cannot go for a walk in morning, GO for a walk regularly anytime.


Swimming is one such exercise in which all your body is at work. The cool water helps relax your mind and at the same time when you are swimming, you take care of your breath. So unknowingly you are actually doing a breathing exercise at the same time.

Aerobics or power yoga-

The fast pace exercises like aerobics and power yoga help reduce higher blood sugar levels. Ideal for young people who wants to stay fit.


Yes, skipping is an easy alternative which can be done at home anytime to keep sugar levels under control. Skipping makes pancreas work efficiently and for all who doesn’t know the beta cells of Pancreas make insulin. So if your pancreas will work efficiently your sugar will stay in control.


Cycling is also an easy option to keep sugar levels under control. Cycling too makes pancreas work more efficiently.

Surya Namaskar-

Surya Namaskar has numerous health benefits. The 12 postures of surya namaskar stretches the body completely making it more flexible. Continuous surya namaskar sessions make body more fit and healthy altogether.

Kapalbhati Nadishodham Pranayam – Click on the link to know How to do Kapalbhati Nadidosham Pranayam.

How Yoga and Exercises work –

You must be thinking, how does Yoga and Exercise help control sugar levels, well here is the answer-

When you exercise your heart beats faster and you breathe a little harder. Your muscles need more glucose or we say energy so it uses the sugar running in your blood streams. So a regular exercise that stretches your muscles or makes you breathe harder and make your heart beat faster results in more consumption of sugar in your blood levels. On the other hand skipping and cycling works 2 ways- it works like all other exercises but also makes the pancreas work more efficiently. So your body’s insulin production works well which in turns results in better sugar levels in blood.

Must keep a Track on Sugar Levels- Very Important

Every Diabetic patient must keep a track on their sugar levels when one tries other ways other than medication to keep sugar levels under control, as it may disturb their sugar levels. Going for a pathology test every now and then is quite expensive, so using Alere G1 Glucometer at the ease of home is the best option for all. Not just the test results are very accurate, but one can check it anytime and the result is there with you right there and then. Why am I talking about just Alere G1 Glucometer? Well, I know there are tons of brands that deals in devices to monitor Sugar Levels at home. Both my parents are diabetics and I have used 3 branded sugar monitoring devices but their results always varied. After checking Alere G1 Glucometer, I am so satisfied with the results. To cross check the results, I often go for pathology lab to confirm if the test results from the glucometer are to be trusted or not. And now I have been using Alere G1 glucometer from a few months and I am damn satisfied, so I can easily recommend it to you all.

Why I liked Alere G1 Glucometer so much?

Not just it is easy to test sugar levels at your home with ease, Alere G1 Glucometer is so- pocket friendly. The test strips used for Alere G1 glucometer are far more cost-effective as compared to other brands. Apart from the pricing and ease of use there is one more quality in Alere G1 Glucometer that I just loved. You know you can keep a track of your blood tests in the glucometer itself, it is auto coded and can store upto 500 readings, isn’t it amazing? And on this, Alere G1 Glucometer device helped me to keep both my parents readings separately, I don’t need to maintain their chart for their reading at all. You must be amazed, but this is true, in fact It allows you to maintain 5 different user profiles. I am totally in love with Alere G1 Glucometer.

Alere G1 Glucometer

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Why does one need to keep a track of their sugar levels every few days?

Well, the doctor prescribes medicines according to your sugar levels, but when you start doing exercises to improve your sugar levels, those medicines might end up lowering your sugar levels more than needed. So you must keep a track at your sugar levels so you can adjust your medicines accordingly.

Now when you know about Yoga and exercises to deal with diabetes, I am sure you will lead a diabetes free healthy life.

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