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Side Effects of Hair Rebonding Every Girl must know

When it comes to hairs, no one wants to take any chances. Be it men or women, everyone wants perfect hairs which suits their style and personality. Rebonding of hairs is very much in fashion these days and people are going crazy for this. Hair rebonding basically means getting your hairs as straight as possible. It makes them kook silky, shiny and healthier. Although, the other side of this process is not as beautiful as you may be thinking. Hair rebonding carries many side effects and in some cases it has led to baldness.  However, side effects of hair rebonding differs from person to person and there are chances that you may not face even a single side effect. In this post we are going to share some side effects of hair rebonding which you must know.

Source: www.stylecraze.com
Source: www.stylecraze.com

What is Hair Rebonding and how it is done?

Before going into details on side effects of hair rebonding, you need to understand what exactly is hair rebonding and how it is done. In hair rebonding process, the chemical bonds present in your hairs are broken and are then rearranged to bond back. It involves the use of strong chemicals like perming lotion.

After that, hairs are put in between of two metal plates of an electric styling device. This metal plates starts getting heated and the hairs are pulled in between these places which straightens the hairs. After this, a neutralizer is added to reset the bonds and it also helps in stabilizing the hairs.

This process permanently alters the hairs and since the treatment involves use of strong chemicals, it weakens the hair shafts and it breaks easily. Hair Rebonding makes hairs dry and fragile.

What are the side effects of Hair Rebonding?

There are many side effects of hair rebonding which differs from person to person.

  • Dryness: The most common and biggest side effect of hair rebonding is that it makes hairs dry and fragile. Hairs loses their natural moisture retaining ability and they begin to look frizzy and dull. If you are using hair dryer after hair rebonding, it will just make the hairs worse.
  • Allergy: Another common side effect of hair rebonding is allergy which differs from one person to another. The allergy occurs due to the use of chemicals during hair rebonding. Allergy may include itchiness on skin or scalp, redness, redness of scalp, red eye and itching of eye. If you are feeling any kind of allergy or itchiness after hair rebonding, contact a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Limited hairstyle: Another side effect of hair rebonding is that you can’t change your hairstyle. If you are planning on permanent hair rebonding, then you can’t change your hairstyle again. They will remain straight throughout the life. Even in temporary hair rebonding, changing hairstyle becomes difficult.
  • Severe Hair fall: One of the most dangerous side effect of hair rebonding is severe hair fall. This has happened with many people who have done hair rebonding. This happens due to the use of poor quality chemicals and improper technique for rebonding. Complete baldness has also been seen in many cases of hair rebonding.
  • Extra Care and attention: Rebonded hairs needs extra care and attention. For example, you can’t tie your hairs for at-least one month after the process and you can’t even tuck them behind ears. Regular touch ups for at-least 6 months after the process is a must to maintain rebounded hairs.

There is no doubt in the fact that hairs are one of the most important part of body which helps you in getting new looks every day. You can completely change a look of a person just by changing his/her hairstyle. So, if you are planning to get hair rebonding, make sure you are aware of all the possible outcomes. This was all about side effects of hair rebonding, do let us know if you have felt any other side effect by yourself.

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