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About Alzhiemer Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease can strike you at any age, which was earlier believed that is only common amongst the older people. This disease can turn the life of the patient upside down, thus makes it more important to diagnose the early signs and symptoms of Alzhemier, so S/he can consult the Doctor immediately and the treatment can be started.

Here are the 10 warning signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.


Memory Loss

Forgetting things, names, address, appointments and many others. Finding it difficult to talk, Difficulty in finding words. Having problems with learning new things or remembering learned things on a regular basis. Forgetting your friends and relatives can also be seen. In severe conditions, loss of long-term and short-term memory may occur.

Difficulty In Thinking And Solving Problems

When the person starts forgetting things, it is quite logical that he will surely have issues in thinking and solving problems. The person will have trouble in recognizing and remembering letters, numbers and hence difficulty in calculations. The person will have difficulties in managing personal finance related problems. As well as he cannot visit anyone alone, as he won’t remember roads, address and phone numbers too.

Difficulty With Completing Daily Tasks

When a person forgets things, he becomes clumsy, one knows he cannot perform tasks efficiently and hence finds being clumsy easier. The person finds difficulty in doing daily tasks like cooking, driving, household chores etc. When dementia turns severe, it becomes unable for the person to even carry out daily activities for himself like bathing, dressing, grooming, eating or using the toilet without anyone’s help.

Poor Judgment and Decision Making

One cannot judge things rationally and decide accordingly. We have the inability to reason, think and then decide things, but people with Alzheimer’s Disease one cannot do this as they have poor judgement and decision making abilities. For example, if one is going out for jogging, instead of wearing track pants and a tee shirt, he might get dressed up in a formal suit.

Confusion of Time, Date and Place

One gets confused with numbers, like phone numbers, time, date, place etc. They might even forget the way back home, their home address, or even where he works. Recognizing people, places and even home becomes difficult and confusing.

Problem understanding Visual Images and Communication

Apart from numbers and people, one might not be able to use language appropriately, difficulty in expressing properly with the right words. One may even face the problem in understanding spoken or written words.

Change in Personality

When one forgets things, is unable to do simple tasks and cannot go alone. One may become overly aggressive, anxious or suspicious for no reason. Sometimes a person becomes violent and many a times the person goes into a shell and becomes quiet and reserved.

Change in Behavior

The person’s behavior changes, sudden mood swings, small periods of anger for no valid reason. One might indulge in inappropriate behavior, may start using foul language in a fit of rage and behave badly.

Hallucinations and Delusions

The person starts seeing and hear things that do not exist at all. For example, the voice of people, animals etc. Who has not even presented there. Delusion can cause illusions, One might start believing that the person who is already dead is alive. He might start assuming them and pretend to even talk to them.


Excessive Suspicion and irrational fear. One starts a baseless thinking influenced by anxiety and fear that others are conspiring against you. Paranoia makes one believe the threat from others baselessly. For example, if any incident or accident occurs, the paranoid person will believe that the accident was intentional and someone has pre-planned it.

If anyone from your family, relatives or friends have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, you might be finding it difficult to cope up with the emotional stress. The person soon or later will start forgetting things and will start losing his confidence too. It is time for you to step up, give them unconditional Love and support to that person.

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