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Expectations can make or break any relationship. Expectations are a way to show your love to your loved ones, and taking care of those expectations is like showing the love back. But, most of the times men are confused about a simple fact – “What does she expect from me?”

So guys, I am here to rescue. I am sure when you get to know these 10 things every girl expects from her man, your love life is definitely going to rock. You may come back to thank me. *Wink* *Wink*

Things Every Girl expects from her Man

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Quality Time, is the first and the most important thing, every girl expects from her man. It’s not that girls want their man by their side 24/7, but the time they spend together must be only their. Most of the times, men are busy in their lives and when they meet, they are physically there, but their mind is occupied by something else. So when you are with your girl, make sure you are just with her and nothing else occupying your mind.
When, in your busy schedule, you drop a message or give a call just to say Hi or I love you, it gives her the feeling that she is always on your mind. The few seconds, you spare for your girl is enough to make your love life the best. Every girl feels special, when her man spares a little time from the busy schedule, just for her. If you can spare more than that small little time, then <3 <3 <3
So, while you read the rest of the 9 expectations, why don’t you drop a message or call her!!


Care has no definition as such, Care can be felt not described. Care comes from within, and everyone loves being cared. Girls are emotional and they do care about everything and anything, when it comes to the Man in her life. She expects the same from her man, show and express the care you do. Let her see your caring nature for her!!


Gifts are the most easiest way to express your love. No girl expects expensive gifts, but yes, every girl expects gifts. A roadside flower can bring a smile on your girl’s face, a handmade bouquet of some local flowers from the garden, can make her day. Gift her something, that shows your love to her.


Girls love saying and hearing those 3 beautiful words, “I LOVE YOU”. Girls are quite expressive when it comes to speaking your heart, and men lack. Have some guts, write a message, card or just open your mouth, say whatever comes in your heart. Tell her what you feel, tell her how much you love. There can be nothing better than expressing your love in your own language. Do not forget, how much special you feel, when she tells you how much she loves you in her own words, that comes directly from her heart!!

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Every girl feels protected and safe, when she is with her man. Whenever, she needs you, take a stand for her. Be the real man of her love story. Girls love whenever, she feels emotionally trapped or is in some sought of trouble and her man comes to take a stand for her. Speak up for her, when the time says!!


Girls are quite possessive about dates, I agree that it can be a little annoying sometimes. But, every girl expects, her man to remember those special dates like- The first time you met, the first time you proposed her, the first time you kissed and all those beautiful first times.
Thanks to the technology, remembering dates is not a big deal now. Use your tech gadgets and make your Love Life, picture perfect!


Men loves to stare at B*** and a lot more things, but girls hate it! Trust me, when you are with your girl, make sure you look in her eyes and not stare anywhere else. Girls feel love in your eyes, when you look in her eyes and can see lust in your eyes when you stare there!!!


Every person has some dreams, that are precious for that person. They might seem unreal to others, but if you listen to them and give a little importance to the dreams, they become all the more precious.
Every girl expects her man, to have faith and show some importance to her may be stupid, may be cute, may be unreal, may be real serious dreams.


There is a hell lot of difference in real and reel sessions between the sheets. Forget about all those reel actions you might have seen and desired. Be sensitive between the sheets, show love and get more pleasure. Reel and Real can never be same, NEVER!!
Girls, love when their partner is emotionally attached to them, then just being physically involved. So, make sure you show some emotions and sensitivity to your girl in bed.

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Guys want to sleep and the girls want to cuddle after the hot session. Well, this is what every girl expects. I can just help you realize, what is in your girl’s mind. Can’t help you stay awake and cuddle her… lol!! That is what only you can do, Good Luck!

I hope, if you keep in mind, all these 10 things, which every girl expects from her man. You can make your Love Live the picture perfect Love Life. I am sure, girls out there would want to know 10 things, which every man expects from her girl. Stay connected and we will be back with the answer.

Hope you enjoyed reading and knowing 10 things every girl expects from her man. Please, feel free to comment back, if we missed out anything!

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