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Importance of Breast Milk and Breastfeeding!

Becoming a mother is one of the best moment for a woman. Being a mother gives immense pleasure and makes her much more responsible person in everyway. Now, she has to take care of that newborn baby who have just arrived in this world. One of the most important factors which every mother should consider is that what they are feeding their child. While now-a-days the trend of formula food is spreading, which is actually not beneficial for the infant. It is scientifically proven that the breast milk is the best food for a new born baby till he is 6 months old. Apart from this breast feeding is also helpful for the mother too. Although breastfeeding is still considered taboo in many areas, but after going through this article you will realize that mother’s milk is the best food for the infant. I am sure you would want to know, what is the importance of breast milk and breastfeeding for infants and new mothers!

Source- Nutrilea.com
Source- Nutrilea.com

How and What is the importance of Breast Milk for infant?

Before stating the importance of breast milk it is important to know how breast milk is different from normal milk. The very first breast milk, after giving birth, is thick and yellow in color which contains colostrum which is rich in nutrients and antibiotics. After three to five days of delivery the thickness of milk decreases and now it contains the right amount of fat, sugar, water and protein. Breast milk acts like a natural antibiotic and prevents your child from diseases like Asthma, diarrhea, child leukemia, obesity and high blood pressure.

Breast milk is easier to digest as compared to formula milk, thus it does not affect the digestive system of your baby, and Mother’s milk has the exact right temperature which is needed for a new born baby. Breast milk secrets a hormone known as secretory immunoglobulin which forms a protective layer on the mucous in baby’s intestine, throat and nose thus saving her from viruses and bacteria.

How breast milk helps a newborn baby grow stronger and healthier

  • It makes a baby more resisted to diseases like juvenile diabetes, heart disease, respiratory illness, ear & chest infection and even cancer.
  • Babies who were breastfed have a strong immune system and have less chances of getting obese.
  • Breast milk protects a baby from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
  • Breastfed child shows fewer dental cavities.
  • It is seen in a research that children who were breastfed shows more maturity, assertiveness and are better at socializing.
  • In many cases the breastfed child has more IQ than a child who was given formula milk.
Source- littleduckies.wordpress.com
Source- www.TheAlphaParent.com

How and What is the importance of breastfeeding for new mothers?

Most of the people are not aware about the fact that breast milk is not beneficial for infant only but is helpful for the mother too. Breast milk is a gift whose perks can be enjoyed by both the baby and the mother. Breastfeeding releases a hormone named oxytocin, which helps the uterus to come back to its normal size which was before the delivery. The benefits of breast milk are not limited to this only.

  • Breast feeding helps a mother in loosing pregnancy weight as she burns calories during lactation.
  • Breast feeding reduces the chances of getting osteoporosis in later years.
  • It improves the diabetic condition in mothers who are type 2 diabetic.
  • Breast feeding also decreases the chance of breast cancer and ovarian cancer.
  • It also reduces the stress level in mothers.

Some other important aspects of breast milk you must know

  • It has economic advantages as it is almost free as compared to formula milk. Also, it saves the cost of medical bills which may have generated due to the disease as caused by formula milk.
  • It gives a feeling of pride, honor and confidence to a mother as she is giving the best nutrients to her child.
  • Breast feeding creates a bond between mother and baby which can never be achieved by any other food or habit.
Source- wallisforwellness.com/
Source- wallisforwellness.com/

Some misconceptions about breast milk and breastfeeding

The biggest misconception about breast milk is that it is not sufficient for the baby. It is scientifically proven that a newborn baby should be fed with breast milk only for 6 months. There is no need to feed him water or fruits as breast milk contains all the essential nutrients and proteins which are helpful for the all-round development of the baby.

Many people consider that market milk or formula milk is same as breast milk. NO. Only breast milk has all the things like fat, sugar and water in accurate proportion.

Should a mother not breastfeed her child?

Yes, there are many cases when it is suggested that the mother should not breast feed her child.

  • If a mother is suffering from HIV then she should not breastfeed her child.
  • If a mother is under certain medical treatment and is consuming medicines in high amount then it is recommended not to breastfeed the baby.
  • If you are under any kind of hormonal medicine, you must always consult a doctor whether you should breastfeed your child or not.

It is said that children are god’s gift and the women who gives birth to a child is next to godliness. So they both need care and love. So next time don’t even think twice about breastfeeding your child. Breastfeeding not just keeps the infants healthy, but also keeps the mother’s healthier and happier.

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