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Phobia Disorder

A Phobia is a Greek word which means fear or morbid fear. A Phobia is a type of anxiety disorder which is usually defined as fear from an object or situation. The fear is not common, but is much more than what we call fear, they get terrified. People get affected after experiencing unreasonable dread by a subject or a situation. People experience rapid breathing, irregular heartbeat, sweating, shortness of breath and nausea. Phobia of water, height and darkness are common, but today we are going to tell you 13 uncommon, unusual, rare phobia disorder and their meanings which you might have not heard about till date. These bizarre phobias usually go unnoticed or undiagnosed because people don’t know about them.

13 Rare Phobia Disorder

Alliumphobia – Fear of garlic

Alliumphobia or Fear of Garlic is an intense fear or terror from the garlic. People who are dealing with alliumphobia, avoid eating garlic at all costs. They shudder even at smell or a look at Garlic.

Evil vampire with scary eyes eating garlic

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