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A majority of people are choosing to invest in an accident policy and the biggest reason is the growing rate of accidents every passing day. Any unplanned or unexpected accident can throw the budget of any middle-class family out of the gear. In such cases, insurance companies act like real friends and help people deal with the unplanned medical expense.

Accident Care policy is an insurance policy that generally comes under the category of Personal Accident Insurance Policy. The policy terms provide complete financial protection to the insured members against uncertainties such as accidental bodily injuries, accidental death, partial/total disabilities, temporary as well as permanent disabilities resulting from an accident. However, the policy can reimburse your medical costs and also provides you a compensation cost in case of disability or death caused by accidents.

The accidental policy is different from Health insurance policy in which the insurer get the financial protection from any disability or death from an accident, as well as also covers health care charge, whereas in Health insurance policy only health care expenses against hospitalization expenses are reimbursed. So, it is all the way more important to get the accident policy from the best medical insurance company in India.

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Features of availing Accident policy

Choice of Policy

Well, there are many different insurance companies who offer this coverage in India. You can easily choose the policy with the best and most appropriate features, you should also look at logistics in terms of ease of paying premiums and claim settlement, etc.


The premium to be paid for such policies is much cheaper than a term policy or health policy. The premium per month is very nominal and it completely depends on the company and additional covers you opt for. However, the other unique feature of this Accident policy is the premium calculations which comes under the Personal Accident Insurance and can be calculated on your occupation and location, and not on age, unlike other insurance policies

Family Cover

Usually, the insurance companies offer coverage for the individual. But, in this Accident policy, the policy covers claims for the entire family including children or parents.

Coverage and the Sum Assured

Accident care policy provides complete financial protection to the insured members against uncertainties such as accidental bodily injuries, accidental death, partial/total disabilities, temporary as well as permanent disabilities resulting from an accident.

Other Benefits

Apart from covering the key features, the policy also offers other benefits when you take accident insurance such as payment of 100% of the Sum Assured to the nominee of the insured person, if primary insured member(s) suffer from permanent total disability, or defined payout in case of temporary total disability/ permanent partial disability. Some other comprehensive accident covers also offer additional features like cumulative bonus, periodic payouts until you return to work, among other benefits. 

To Avail of this kind of accident policy, a person must have to complete certain eligibilities:

  • He/she should have the citizenship of their country
  • He/she should complete the minimum age 18 years and maximum age limit is 65 years.
  • He/she should have a secured Job that helps in paying their annual insurance premium.
  • He/she must have a bank account with a valid credit record.

How to avail accident policy?

There are different kinds of accident policies that are offered by several financial institutions and insurance firms in the market. You can easily check and avail policy as per you and your family’s needs. Hence, it is advised to you please check all the terms and conditions before applying or signing any deal. What must be kept in mind is that while everyone applies for accident policy, they do not consider the fact that there are certain accidents or events that these policies will not cover. So, take a thorough look at the policy conditions and try to figure out what all you will get and compare that with what you need to protect yourself and your family.

Online medium is also one of the best ways for buying accident policy. For that, you have to log on and search for the available products and pick the best one after comparing from one of the aggregator sites. This will also save your lot of hard-earned money and precious time.


Accidental insurance and accidental serious injury protection are both essential for the future well-being of the family and can give mental peace that they will be safe or financially secured in your absence.

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