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Namyaa skincare is one of the leading intimate skincare products manufacturer and designer in India. They have provided a range of intimate skincare products to their customers for years now, such as Intimate lightening serum, lip whitening serum, intimate hygiene wash, body toning oil, vaginal tightening cream, and more. But recently, they came up with a brand new product for a woman is the Namyaa’s Disposable Female Urination Device. It is a disposable device made out of eco-friendly material that would help women to pee.
Women are prone to Urinary tract infection hundreds of times more than men. And that is because they need to sit on those yucky public toilets whereas men can get the job done while standing. And this is the main reason why every woman in India needs one of this Namyaa’s Disposable Female Urination Device so that they can pee while standing.

Price of Namyaa’s Disposable Female Urination: INR 299

Buy from: Namyaa’s official website and at Amazon.  

Namyaa’s Disposable Female Urination Device Packaging

The Namyaa’s Disposable Female Urination Device comes in a set of 20 disposable packs which are packed in a white and green box. The sleek shape of the box makes it easier to accommodate in your glove compartment or in your pocket, which eventually makes it highly portable. 

My Experience with the Namyaa’s Disposable Female Urination Device

As a working woman and frequent traveler, it was getting hard for me to use the public toilets as they were never clean. And the stink just made it worse, and I always wondered if I was as privileged as men. I envied them. I always felt how lucky they are that they don’t need to sit on these dirty toilets. They can just stand and pee. But when I came across the Namyaa’s Disposable Female Urination Device, I thought of trying it, and since then, I would never leave my house without these. Now no matter how worse the washroom is, I couldn’t care less. Now I barge into any toilet whenever I want to pee without the fear of getting any infection.
Now I don’t need to hold in my urine in search of a clean toilet. The Namyaa’s Disposable Female Urination Device kit easily fits my purse, pocket, and even my glove’s compartment.

The productis designed for women after years of researchand that shows in the perfection of their design and ease of use. I wish I could have got hands-on this device a little earlier, and I could have easily avoided those hundreds of yucky public toilets.
With the help of the Namyaa’s Disposable Female Urination Device, now I don’t need to apply my half squatting talent on those public toilets. It is also an excellent product for women who have a certain medical condition such as pregnancy, arthritis, and osteoporosis.

SO, As I told earlier too, they are very easy to use. Just open the funnel, and push one side as mentioned clearly on every funnel to get it into the shape. The design is very nicely meant, so you can use it very comfortably without the fear of any accidents at all. Once you get hold of it, you would never imagine leaving your house without i just like me. Throw it and you are done.

The Best thing about Namyaa’s Disposable Female Urination Device

The first thing is the product allows us, women, to stand and pee. Apart from this, the other two best things about the product are:

  • It is made out of coated paper, which is water-resistant, as well as ecofriendly. 
  • The product size and design can easily fit the glove compartment as well as your pocket, which makes it easy to carry anywhere you go.

What could have been better?

To be honest, for me, the product is designed to perfection, and there is nothing that could have been better.

Would I recommend Namyaa’s Disposable Female Urination Device?

A big YES. This is a product which every woman must have to avoid sitting on those dirty, stinky toilet whenever they want to pee outdoors.

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