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There is a famous saying that, “Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep.” Dreams are very much mysterious and so are these facts about dreams. Every person dreams about something or the other, even things that are unimaginable. Circumstances and people you would never thought or experience in real life. So, there are many amazing and interesting facts about dreams which are just mind blowing and you would love to read them all. The most amazing fact about dream is that, we are living in the 21st century, yet there is not even a single theory which can completely prove or answer the reason of why we dream.  Now doesn’t this make dreams much more interesting.

amazing rare bizarre facts about dreams
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Here are 30 Amazing and Interesting Facts about Dreams

  1. Everyone dreams: From an infant to a 90 year old man, from men to women, everyone dreams. Not everyone remembers them but they still get dreams.
  2. 6 years of time is spend on dreams by every human being.
  3. There is also a dream dictionary, made by Egyptians in 4000 B.C.
  4. It was found in a survey that 80% of people see dreams in color while 20% of people see dreams in black and white.
  5. A person who snores while sleep can never dream.
  6. A human can have 3 to 7 dreams per night and he dreams for about 2 to 3 hours in whole night.
  7. Dreams keeps us mentally healthy and prevents us from Psychosis.
  8. A person can control his dreams, once he learns the phenomenon of “lucid dreaming”.
  9. Even blind persons dreams. A person who is blind by birth dreams based on senses rather than sights.
  10. One of the common nightmare in both adults and kids is getting chased by a monster. Other includes. Losing your loved ones, getting lost, falling and drowning.
  11. A person can’t read or see the time while dreaming.
  12. Many inventions like Google, sewing machine, periodic table were inspired by the dreams.
  13. Most of the times dreams tends to be negative. It focuses much more on anger, fear and sadness.
  14. In a case of RPM, rapid eye movement, when a person goes deep in dream, he gets paralyzed.
  15. Sleep walking is a very rare problem and people who sleep walks tends to be more active in their dreams rather then the real world.
  16. A new born baby does not dreams of himself until the age of 3.

    baby dream
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  17. A person suffering from personality disorder lacks dreaming.
  18. The content of dreams between the man and woman is different. Specifically, women dreams more about their babies, family members or household activities while men dreams more about , violent activities, sexual activity, achievement, and outdoor events.
  19. One of the rarest dream is brushing your teeth.
  20. People rarely dream about their workplace or school. Most frequents dreams are based in the house and to be more specific, in the living room.
  21. There is no logic in dreams. There are chances that you may be at one place in your dream and you can go to a far place in just seconds.
  22. Dreams get worse with decrease in temperature. Colder the room, worse the dreams. For a better dreams, a room should have average temperature.
  23. The use of the word “Nightmare” was used a very long time ago when a female spirit started besetting people at night while sleeping. In case of deep dreams, men feels more erection while more blood flows through vagina in women.
  24. Kids have more nightmares then adults.
  25. Most of the time the strangers which you see in your dreams are the persons whom you have seen in your real life.

    strange people in dreams
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  26. Almost 90% of the dreams are lost in the very first minute after waking up.
  27. Men dreams more about men while women dreams equal of both the genders.
  28. If trained properly, a lucid dreamer can control his dreams for almost 30 minutes.
  29. Sometimes dreams can become reality, if a person works hard for it. Fact!!
  30. Well, you must be thinking where is the 30’th fact… I hope you read the first paragraph of the article, if you havn’t.. read again, you will find the 30th fact about dreams there.

Dreams are strange and so are the facts about dreams. I am sure after reading these facts you must be eager to sleep so you can dream and check these facts . Wishing you good and sweet dreams.

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