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Kairtis Oil Review – An Ayurvedic Knee Joint Pain Relief Oil

Kairtis Ayurvedic Oil Review

Ayurveda has cure of all the problems. Kairtis Oil from Kairali Ayurvedic Group claims to be the best knee joint pain relief oil. Well, let’s see if the claims of the company are true in this authentic Kairtis Oil Review. In this review, we will cover everything – packaging, ease of use, results and the authenticity of the claims of the Kairtis Oil.

But, before I start with the Kairtis Oil review, lets have a look at the Ingredients used and the packaging of Kairtis Oil.

Kairtis Oil complete Kit
Kairtis Oil complete Kit

Kairtis Oil Packaging

Kairtis Oil Kit comes in a descent cylindrical box made of hard cardbox. The Kairtis Kit box has a nice green coloured lid with a white box underneath. The whole box is quite sturdy and I am all set to use this box once I finish the product.. (wink wink). Anyways, back to the review, once you open the box, you will find a thick sponge covering the whole kit with a small hole. Very creative to keep that hole on the sponge, in which you can easily slide in a finger and slide out the sponge. And here we get our kit with 2 potli’s individually packed in re-sealable plastic pouches and a rectangular plastic bottle with Kairtis oil. Well, the outer packaging is amazingly beautiful and world class, but the oil bottle seems lousy and not upto the mark. Even the label is a white paper just sticked on to the bottle. I wished the label was a little more classy that maintains the awesome packaging upto the mark.

Kairtis Oil Kit Ingredients used-

Kairtis Oil

Sida cordifolia
Moringa oleifera
Calotropis gigantean
Ricinus communis
Strobilanthes heyneanus
Aegle marmelos
Gmelina arborea
Premna corymbosa
Stereospermum colais
Oroxylum indicum
Pterocarpus marsupium
Cassia tora
Zingiber officinale
Terminalia chebula
Alpinia galanga
Gossypium herbaceum
Oil of Sesamum indicum
Cow’s milk
Cinnamomum camphora
Mineral pitch

Kolakulathadi Choornam (Potli Pack)

Ziziphus jujuba
Dolichos biflorus
Cedrus deodara
Hordeum vulgare
Anethum sowa
Vigna mungo
Memecyclon umbellatum
Acorus calamus
Saussurea lappa
Alpinia galanga
Sesamum indicum
Brassica campestris
Ricinus communis
Sarcostigma kleinii

How to Use Kairtis Oil Kit to relieve Knee Joint Pain

Using Kairtis Oil Kit is very easy. The kit contains Oil and herbal Potli. Pour few drops of Kairtis oil in a vessel and let it heat. Now rub the potli is this hot vessel. The potli will absorb all oil and will become hot as well. Now pour few drops at the affected area and massage with hot potli. Make sure to check the temperature of the potli before applying it on the affected area.

The hot herbal potli and kairtis oil works wonder on pain.

My Experience with Kairtis Oil Kit

All women experience pain during periods, so do I. During those pains, my mother asked me to use Kairtis Oil, which she has been using from few days. She was boasting it like anything, which grabbed my attention too. I tried Kairtis hot potli massage on my legs. I felt the difference but wasn’t sure if it was the warmth of oil that is working or is it the Kairtis oil and hot Kairtis potli that worked. To check, I made a potli and stuffed it with rags and repeated the whole procedure with a normal pain oil. The difference was very much visible. Kairtis Oil has now become an integral part of my home. My parents are regularly using it and their knee pain has reduced a lot.

Kairtis Oil complete review
Kairtis Oil complete review

Price of Kairtis Oil Kit

Kairtis Oil Kit comes in 2 options-
Kairtis Oil 55ml with one herbal potli – 280
Kairtis Oil 110ml with two herbal potli – 480

What I like about Kairtis Oil

  1. It works from the first application itself.
  2. Not very expensive, Value for money.
  3. Kairtis oil and Kairtis potli are completely ayurvedic and herbal.
  4. The potli comes in re-sealable bags, which makes them really easy to store.
  5. Kairtis Oil is not very greasy and sticky.
  6. Easy to use.
  7. The Packaging of the whole Kit is very nice.­­

What I didn’t like about Kairtis Oil

  1. The smell of the oil is a little strong.
  2. Although the overall packaging is good, I wish the Kairtis Oil bottle was also as good.
  3. Availability can be an issue. I ordered it online, but didn’t find it at any nearby stores.

My rating 4.0 out of 5

Will I buy Kairtis Oil Kit again?
Yes. Definitely. Being completely herbal and organic, Kairtis Pain Oil has become a part of my home. Although the product is of joints and knees, we prefer using them for all kind of muscular pains as well. Found it really effective.

Hope you liked the Kairtis Oil review!

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