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Love or Infatuation? Know the Reality of your Relationship

Well, there is no doubt in the fact that Romeo and Juliet’s love story is considered one of the best love stories ever written. They both died for each other. But was that really love? If you are a fan of Shakespeare and have done a little research, you will find that Romeo and Juliet decided to get married on the very first day of their meeting. Get married on the second day and died on the fourth day. Four days, now that’s the span of the greatest love story of our era. Now the question arises is that love or sheer infatuation. There comes a point in everyone’s life where they get confused as whether they are in love or it just another infatuation. Well, there is not such formula or theorem to find this out, but yes, you can get a hint about it. So in this article, we will tell you, how to know if you are in love or is it an infatuation?

Source- kingdomcolony.com
Source- kingdomcolony.com

Before starting lets understand what exactly are the meanings of love and infatuation.

Love: A strong feeling of affection, a great interest and pleasure in something, deep affection.

Infatuation: An intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something.

So the confusion is a bit clearer now. As you can read, infatuation is short-lived while love is last longing. Let’s go deeper and understand the difference between love and infatuation.

Time Period

Love develops slowly with time while infatuation is a sudden phenomenon. Love grows stronger with time while infatuation deepens very little with time. This might hurt you, but there is no such thing as Love at first sight, there is only Infatuation at first sight.


Love doesn’t want anything in return. In love, you will accept the person with all his flaws and imperfection. But in infatuation, you will try to find out only the good side of the person. While love can be tolerant, infatuation induces impatience. In love you will try to find out more and more about your partner while in infatuation you will just stick to the very first impression created by your partner.

Source- www.dailyindia.org
Source- www.dailyindia.org


Infatuation demands to get physical with your partner while in love, you will wait for the right time and situation. Infatuation is all about physical attraction while in love, physical attraction is just a small part of it.


Separation is a part where you can understand the true meaning of your relationship. If separation makes you weak and you try to find out something else to stick to then sorry to say, it’s just infatuation. Separation strengths real love while it makes an infatuation relationship weaker. If your feeling for your partner gets weakened with each separating hour, then it’s the time to realize that it’s not love. In love, separation makes a person stronger and they get to know how much they love each other.


If you are trying to find happiness for yourself, then it’s not love. In love a person tries to make his partner happy. It works about happiness rather than finding it. In love, you will show devotion unlike infatuation where it shows emotions.


While in most of the infatuation your partner will be of your age. You will try to find a person based on beauty. Age or color is no bar in love. It emphasizes on a person’s character.



It’s like a fairy tale which is shown in TV Soaps etc.It’s a real thing which exist in real world.
You are in love with love.You are in love with a person.
Infatuation makes you jealous.Love makes you happy.
The feeling of infatuation can be for many persons.Love is made for only one special person.
It avoids problem and gets panic when arguments occur.It works on problems and tries to solve it instead of panicking.
In infatuation, you try to change for your partner.Love lets you what you are.
Mainly occurs in teenage.Occurs with maturity.

Click here to know the difference between love and infatuation as told by Dr. Margaret Paul.

If you are still not sure about whether it’s love or infatuation then you can take this test. Ask yourself these questions and answer them instantly. Take this as rapid-fire. Don’t think just answer.

  • I am attracted to my partner physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • I love him for what he is and not what he will be for me.
  • I can cry in front of him and I feel myself with him.
  • In the case of an argument, I always try to solve it instead of thinking to leave my partner.
  • If my partner loses all his material possessions, I would still love him and be with him.

If answer to majority of questions is yes then congrats you are in love and that too with a right guy. And for all those whose answers are false, good luck in finding your perfect partner.

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