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Oriflame Essense& Co Body Wash, Hand Soap and Body Lotion

One thing I enjoy doing in summers, is going all the way citrusy! Drinking juices, putting on citrusy fragrances, and bathing with a nice, fruity-smelling body wash makes the summer worthwhile for me! And I am sure it must be the same for the most of us! I, personally being a citrus-lover, make sure to try every new product with some citrus ingredient, which comes into the market. Recently I came across one such range By Oriflame.
Oriflame has launched a range of body wash, hand soap and body lotion called the Essense& Co. Lemon and Verbena Range. I tried my hands on the products and will be telling you about my experience with the products. Read onto know the same

Oriflame Essense& Co Body Wash, Hand Soap and Body Lotion Packaging

All the three products- the body wash, hand soap and the body lotion, have similar packaging. The products come in a transparent plastic bottle with a pump dispenser with a golden ring at its neck. The pump dispenser is advantageous as it allows only the required amount of the product to come out, forbidding any product wastage. All the information is been written on the bottle itself. The bottles are quite large in size, thus, can be little difficult to carry along.
Now let us discuss my experience with the products one by one

My Experience with Oriflame Essense& Co Body Wash

Essense & Co Body Wash Price – INR 679/- for 300ml


The body wash is yellowish-green in color, and has a runny texture. A small quantity lathers flawlessly when used with a loofah. It has a pleasant, citrusy fragrance which gives a very refreshing effect. The smell invigorates the senses and makes the bath refreshing. Also, the product is easy to rinse off, unlike some body washes that become difficult to wash away. I have a normal skin, so it doesn’t get dried up, but can’t promise the same for the winter season. The fragrance lasts for a while after the bath also, which is my favorite part of the product.

My Experience with Oriflame Essense& Co Hand Soap

Essense & Co Hand Soap Price – INR 495/- for 300 ml

Oriflame likes to call this hand wash as Hand Soap, but it is actually a hand wash. Interesting! This product is almost a look-alike of the body wash of the same range. The color of the product, the packaging, is almost the same. It is also of yellowish-green color, with a thicker consistency than that of the body wash. Also, the fragrance is of similar nature-citrusy, but is somewhat stronger than that of the body washes. The fragrance stays up to a good number of minutes after I wash my hands with it. It also lathers perfectly and rinses well.

My Experience with Oriflame Essense & Co. Body Lotion 

Essense & Co Hand & Body Lotion Price- INR 779/- for 300 ml

Unlike the other two products of the range, the body lotion is white in color, with a comparatively thicker consistency. The body lotion has a creamy texture and spreads well on the skin. It is easy to apply and soft on the skin. It absorbs effortlessly on the skin and gives a nice citrusy-lemonish fragrance, ideal for summertime. The fragrance lasts for almost half an hour. It moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated for a good amount of time.

Rating for Oriflame Essense& Co. Lemon & Verbena body wash – 3.5 out 5 stars
Rating for Oriflame Essense& Co. Lemon & Verbena Hand Soap – 4 out of 5 stars
Rating for Oriflame Essense& Co. Lemon & Verbena Body Lotion – 4.5 out of 5 stars

Will I recommend buying Oriflame Essense& Co Body Wash, Hand Soap and Body Lotion?

Ofcourse this range of Oriflame is a gift for summertime! The products are of good quality, and sure to make you enjoy the summers to the fullest. You will love bathing with the body wash, will have the urge to wash your hands more frequently, and moisturize your skin more often when you use these products J. It is a definite buy for summers!

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