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Astaberry Glamor Plus Instant Glow Powder Cream – Your daily routine cream

If you are searching for a light makeup base that radiates your skin without looking heavy, then powder cream is the solution for you! Especially for all the college goers, who want a natural glow on the skin, but refrain from using foundations or BB creams, powder creams are a great pick! Also, they aren’t expensive like the foundations, which make them the most suitable buy for college girls.
Recently, Astaberry Biosciences launched a new product- Astaberry Glamor Plus Instant Glow Powder Cream, which is claimed to be suitable for all skin types. I tried my hands on the cream, and have shared my experience with the product below. Read onto to know my experience

Price of Astaberry Glamor Plus Glow Powder Cream – INR 165 for 25 gms
Shelf Life- 36 months
Buy from- Astaberry / Flipkart / Amazon

What Astaberry Glamor Plus Glow Powder Cream claims 

Get ready to face any challenge. A revolutionary beauty creme that gives instant glow and smoothness to the skin. Its advanced hydrating molecules make the skin soft and supple.
Astaberry Glamor Plus Glow Powder Cream syndicates the setting benefits and goodness of the powder with advanced hydrating molecular cream. It is a cream but feels and works like a powder which always sets your fairness and fashionable quotient on the top. The goodness of powder maintains your fairness levels and moisture content on the skin for you to look extremely beautiful all day long.

Astaberry Glamor Plus Glow Powder Cream Packaging

Astaberry Glamor Plus Glow Powder Cream comes in a pink-colored tube, that further comes enclosed in a pink cardboard box. The tube has a black cap, with all the details and information being written on the tube as well as the cardboard box. The tube is small in size, thus, very easy to carry and travel-friendly.

Astaberry Glamor Plus Glow Powder Cream Texture

The cream is of very creamy texture, with a not-so-thick consistency. It is very light in weight and gives a touch of pink color. It has got a very sweet and subtle strawberry fragrance, which becomes evident when you bring the cream very closely and smell it.

My Experience with Astaberry Glamor Plus Glow Powder Cream

As I have already said above, this cream is very light-weighted, which is why it becomes easy to apply and blends in quickly. The cream gets absorbed by the skin in no time and it almost feels like you haven’t applied anything on the skin.
The cream makes your face brighten up instantly and sets up your face for a casual outing or a nice daytime look. It doesn’t dry up the skin, rather gives a natural glow to the skin. Also, it stays for a good 3-4 hours on the skin. It serves as a daily light foundation but don’t mistake it as an alternative to foundation because it won;t give you that coverage. It is more than basic cream and less than a foundation. The best part about the cream is that it can be worn daily. And for oily skin people, you definitely need to get this, it makes your skin oil free instantly, I loved it for this reason.

What I liked about the Astaberry Glamor Plus Glow Powder Cream

  • Gives a natural glow to the skin
  • Can be used for almost all skin types
  • Feels weightless on the skin
  • Can be worn daily
  • Very affordable
  • Travel-friendly
  • Easily Available in the marketing

What I didnt like about Astaberry Glamor Plus Glow Powder Cream

The packaging is too small, why doesnt it come in bigger packing too.

My rating of the Astaberry Glamor Plus Glow Powder Cream- 4.5 stars out of 5

Will I recommend Astaberry Glamor Plus Glow Powder Cream?

Yes. It is a great buy for all of us, can be worn daily and doesn’t give a heavy look. It gives a balanced look to both dry skin and oily skin. This much at such a low price! If you are looking for something more than a basic cream and less than a foundation, don’t even think twice. It is one hundred percent a great buy!

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