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The Medical term for bedwetting is Nocturnal Urinary Incontinence (Nocturnal Enuresis). Bedwetting is common amongst young kids and children and rarely is seen among adolescents. Bedwetting usually refers to wetting bed while in sleep. Bedwetting  is a urologic complaint  which can be easily taken care of. Bedwetting although is not a serious problem, but one must not take bedwetting very lightly. It has been seen that in rare cases, Bedwetting was a mere symptom of some other specific medical conditions.

If your child is bedwetting, you must understand that you should be taking care of this problem with patience. Bedwetting usually ends up the child feeling guilty and starting to isolate himself because of the guilt. As parents, we must understand that the child needs love and emotional support. The biggest question that arises now is, How to stop child from wetting bed? Well, you have many options, taking guidance of a good Doctor or you may also try some home remedies.

bedwetting in children

Change in Lifestyle for Bedwetting Issue

Limit Water intake

Make sure your child doesn’t drink much of the water in the evening. Like if he sleeps at 10, make sure he doesn’t drink more than one or two glasses of water after 6.pm.

Using toilet before sleep

Encourage your child to use the toilet before he goes to bed to sleep. If your child urinates just before going to bed, it will ensure that he doesn’t end up wetting the bed.

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Talk to child

It has been seen that children have got scared of something so badly that whenever they see or visualize that thing in their dreams they wet their bed. Talk to your child to ease him with all the things bugging his innocent mind.

Using low light in the room

Make sure the child has a low light in his room so he can find his way to the bathroom easily without getting scared of the darkness.


Most of the times, bedwetting is because of constipation. If your child is suffering from constipation, you must treat it.

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No Punishment

Do not punish your child for bedwetting. Your child gets much more embarrassed than you can even think of. Make him feel comfortable in talking and sharing his problem. Your punishment can scare him and force him to isolate.


Reassuring your child that bedwetting is no big deal and can be solved helps boost his morale. Do not let your child sink in the guilt of bedwetting. It is your duty as parent to motivate him and doesn’t let him lose his self esteem.

Avoid discussing Bedwetting in front of others

You must take care that you don’t discuss about bedwetting to anyone in front of your child. Also, do not discuss about bedwetting with your child when your family or relatives are around.

Bedwetting Home Remedies

Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

Have 2 Indian gooseberries, Cut them and crush them to get a paste like thing. Then sprinkle a pinch of turmeric powder on the crushed gooseberries. Add 1 tablespoon honey and mix well. Give 1 tsp of this crushed paste to your child every day in the morning.

Walnut- Raisin

Crush walnuts a bit. Give 1 Teaspoon crushed walnut and 5 raisins at bed time. You can also give uncrushed walnut, if your child likes it that way.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is really good for urinary tract infection. When tried on children having bedwetting problems, positive results have been seen. You can give your child a glass of fresh cranberry juice in the evening 1-2 hour before he goes to bed. You must repeat the process daily for a few weeks to see effective results for bedwetting problems.


Cinnamon has shown some really reamarkable changes for bedwetting in children. You may ask your child to chew a bar of cinnamon daily. Or, you may get the cinnamon bar powdered, and then use the cinnamon bar powder in the food, sprinkle on bed toast or add with sugar in milk.


Adding 2 bananas in your child’s diet everyday can work wonders for a dry night. Bananas are full of energy and fiber. Fiber helps bind the food together and helps in a good bowel system, hence helps reducing Fiber in children.


Giving honey instead of sugar is good for the child, it also helps reduce bedwetting in children. Add 2 tablespoons of honey of your child’s daily diet to see the positive effects.

P.S- If the Bedwetting in Children continues, you must consult a doctor.

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