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What is ADHD?

Before knowing the signs and Symptoms of ADHD in children you must know, What is ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). ADHD is a psychiatric disorder with some significant problems that begin at the age of 6 to 12 yrs. ADHD is the most common disorder found in children, which parents usually ignore because most of us are not even aware of any such disorder. ADHD disorder is related to brain and behavior of the child and as soon as you find the signs and symptoms mentioned below in your child you must consult a Doctor.

adhd in children symptoms

7 Signs and Symptoms of ADHD

Signs and Symptoms of ADHD in children can be really confusing. Inattention, hyperactivity, disruptive behavior and impulsivity are four common signs of ADHD, which are present in normal children as well. Children always have so many things in their mind that they keep changing their focus from one thing to another, which can be mistaken as the INATTENTION related to ADHD. Children are active and some children are hyperactive, even after playing for hours, they don’t look tired at all and are still ready for more. This can be mistaken as HYPERACTIVITY related to ADHD. Thus, these four main signs can be easily mistaken with a normal child, then How to know if your child is dealing with the disorder of ADHD? When focusing on signs and symptoms of ADHD in children, parents must patiently study the signs and symptoms for at least 6 months to be sure. Given below are 7 signs and symptoms that can help you find if your child is dealing with ADHD disorder or not. If you find these 7 signs and symptoms of ADHD in your children for days and months continuously, its time you need to consult a doctor.

  1. Fidgets and Squirms
    Lack of confidence and nervousness present in ADHD children makes them fidgety and squirmy. If your child does this very often, and on a regular basis, then this could be a significant sign and symptom of ADHD.
  2. Talks excessively
    Usually kids love to talk continuously, but only on their favorite topics. If you find your child doing that very often and not letting anyone else speak on various occasions every day and this continues, this can be because of ADHD.
  3. Never sits idle
    Being hyperactive, an ADHD child keeps moving in their seats or leaves their seat again and again. You will never find your child being idle at any point, even if they are in a car where they will have to sit, you will find them struggling and still finding ways to move.
  4. Emotional outbursts
    An ADHD child has difficulty controlling their emotions, thus you will find your child if suffering from ADHD disorder to Laugh, get upset, get angry or throwing temper tantrums for no specific reason. These outbursts are not a one day problem, they will go on forever until ADHD is treated.
  5. Unfinished work
    ADHD children are prone to get distracted very easily. Thus, they usually never finish any of their work. Be it finishing their food, school homework, playing a game or anything. ADHD children move to other things pretty often leaving their work unfinished most of all times.
  6. Day Dreamer
    ADHD children are usually overactive and always doing random stuff not sitting idle at all, but this symptom is a clash to other symptoms. Studies have shown that many ADHD children are quieter and doesn’t get involved with other children easily. They keep staring at one thing and start dreaming. They have no realization what is happening around them at all. This happens usually at classrooms or while eating that they suddenly stars day dreaming and doesn’t realize where they are and what’s happening around.
  7. Eye Contact
    ADHD children find it really difficult to maintain eye contact because of inattention and hyperactivity. Their mind and body is continuously in motion, making it difficult to sustain eye contact.

What if ADHD children are left untreated?

Every problem and disorder must be treated well in time. ADHD might seem a simple disorder to parents as the symptoms are not very dangerous. But, If the ADHD disorder is not treated well in time it might lead to various other problems like low self confidence, poor learning, lack of concentration, severe emotional outbursts, extreme jealousy, extreme Anxiety, Sleep disorders, bed wetting, stammering, poor social relationships, and overall, a low self-esteem. These problems can become severe and worsen with time if ADHD is not treated.

Why does ADHD occur

Now when you know what ADHD is and how to identify the signs and symptoms of ADHD in children, you must want to know Why does ADHD occur? And every parent wants to know this because a question keeps bugging their mind, Why my child?

Although the exact reason of ADHD is unknown. Studies have shown that genetics can be the reason. ADHD is hereditary, if anyone from your family has had ADHD, it can pass on to generations. Exposure to toxic substances or brain injury can also trigger ADHD.

Is ADHD curable?

ADHD is a medical disorder that affects several areas and the functioning of the brain. Although ADHD is not completely curable but with proper treatment and changes in the lifestyle, ADHD signs and symptoms can be controlled.

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