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Common Mistakes You Make While Washing Your Hair

Yes, the tresses that we love so much need lots of care and attention. Nothing comes easy in this world, so does the long and lustrous hair. The hair might get damaged due to excess chemical usage and exposure to the external environment. A lot of internal and external care should be given. Ever wondered about the mistakes that you commit while washing your hair? We are too engrossed in finishing the task, such that we hardly think about it. Here are the Common mistakes you make while washing your hair

How to wash your hair correctly

Common Mistakes You Make While Washing Your Hair
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Washing it everyday

Yes, cleansing your scalp and hair is a good hair care routine. But, it is not a rule to wash your hair everyday. Too much of washing the hair will take away the moisture and shine form it, leaving it dull and dry. You can wash it thrice or four times during the day. Whenever you find your scalp greasy and oily, wash it off. Till then, try managing your hair.

Rinsing your hair too much

This is the common mistake that people with colored hair make. The colored hair needs extra care when compared to the normal hair colors. When you rinse your hair too much, you tend to lose a bit of color as well. The colored hair has a tendency to absorb water quickly and release it quickly, hence the color comes out if you rinse it too much. Thus, keep a check on it from next time onwards. Secondly, it is always better to wash colored hair with cold water or lukewarm water as hot water will affect the hair color.

Using hot-waters for hair wash

I agree, we are recommended hot water for health most of the times, but definitely not for hair. The hot water will open the hair cuticle. This will benefit the hair as it will be able to absorb the nutrients from shampoo and conditioner. Remember the hair cuticles needs to be closed to prevent the dust from entering. Also, too much hot water will damage the texture of the hair, giving it a dull and dry look. If you have opted for hot water shower, ensure that the final rinse is with cold water. You can also use Apple Cider Vinegar as a final rinse.  Take 1 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar in a container. Add 3 cups of water to it. Stir them well and wash your hair with it. It will add shine to your hair.

Skipping the hair-conditioner

This is another mistake that we all commit as we do not give much importance to hair conditioners.  It is mandatory to apply conditioner after shampooing your hair. Conditioners will nourish your hair and add shine to them. It will prevent the hair from breaking off by minimizing the friction between them. Ensure that you use the same shampoo and conditioner brand to reap the most out of it. Avoid applying conditioner on your scalp. Cover all the hair roots and follicles with the conditioner. Leave it for 5 minutes. Then rinse it off in such a way that the conditioner doesn’t stay on your hair.

Overdoing shampoo and conditioner

Too much of anything is good for nothing goes the saying and it is so true. Do not overdo shampoo and conditioner as it will not fetch you the desired results. Take shampoo depending on the hair length and as required. It is suggested that take use shampoo to the size of a 2 rupee coin. Apply in on the scalp and use your fingertips to massage it. Slowly move to the mid scalp and then to the lower part. Gently massage and leave for 5 minutes. Rinse it off and check if the scalp is still greasy. It might need a second wash. Ensure the quantity of shampoo is less than the first wash. Repeat the process and rinse it off completely.

Soaking the hair in water

The first step to hair wash is pouring water to your scalp and hair. Do not be in hurry to immediately apply shampoo. Allow the hair to soak water for few minutes and then proceed for next step. This is a common hair care mistake and must be taken care of.

Hope this article has been useful to you. Most of the times we neglect the basic hair care regime and hair wash is one among them. A perfect hair wash will ensure that you do not face any other hair issues. Thus, do keep follow these simple hair wash tips and avoid the common mistakes while washing your hair. You will definitely see a change in your hair gradually. Let us know your feedback. You can also share your experience with us or suggest us some other hair care tips.

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