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Erectile Dysfunction on Rise Among Men Under 30 – Know the Real Reason

Erectile Dysfunction also known as ED is quite common in men above 30-40, but recently men under 30 have been complaining about Erectile Dysfunction. Generally people think its a medical problem and start taking medicines without knowing the real reason of Erectile Dysfunction at such a younger age. Today we are going to let you know the real reason of erectile dysfunction on rise among men under 30. If you too think its a medical issue, read the article and you will be completely shocked.

The real reason of erectile dysfunction on rise among men under 30 is – Porn and Masturbation. If you are one of those who think porn and masturbation have no side effects, it’s time to revise your knowledge. The real fact is that porn and masturbation actually do harm a person’s mental and physical health badly. One of the major side effects of serial masturbation after watching porn is erectile dysfunction. Most men discover porn in their early years and that is why so many of them under the age of 30 deal with erectile dysfunction issues. And with internet porn available 24×7 on computers and handheld devices, the epidemic of erectile dysfunction is rampant among a large number of teenagers and twenty-year old.

Erectile dysfunction was originally a problem that mainly older men were diagnosed with. But now it is on the verge of becoming an epidemic among men of all ages, particularly men under 30.

Source- http://www.geosymbol.com/
Source- http://www.geosymbol.com/

Erectile Dysfunction – A physical or mental issue?

Before you head over to the pharmacy to pick up some vitality drugs, you need to know that porn-induced erectile dysfunction has more to do with the mind than your penis. So, Erectile Dysfunction doesn’t mean, it is not primarily a physical issue! Masturbating to porn is like an addiction. It feels so good, like a drug and soon you find yourself wanting more and more. Porn becomes your world and when you are with an actual real live woman you don’t feel the least bit aroused. It’s only porn that can take you there. But soon you lose the ability to get off even to that.

The Science behind it!

When you do something that makes you feel good, relaxed or happy, high levels of dopamine flood in your brain. Masturbating gives you a sense of pleasure that spikes, those dopamine levels. And as you keep doing it again and again, your brain will build a tolerance to the high level dopamine rush. The receptors in your brain will not respond with the same intensity to masturbation and porn as it did the first couple of times. Every time you will need more dopamine levels to reach the levels of excitement.

Constant masturbation to porn trains your brain into believing you won’t receive the same pleasure with a partner and as a result, you have erectile dysfunction problems to deal with, when you are with your woman. It is also seen, that men who tend to masturbate with porn, starts watching extreme porn for high levels of dopamine as casual porn doesn’t arouse them after first couple of times. These men, while masturbating, fantasize about extreme situations which in turn produce high levels of dopamine, which usually doesn’t happen when the one is with their real life partner. The intensity of porn and intensity of fantasies increases with time, and by the time these young men get into the bed with their partner, their levels of excitement has gone too far from the reality. The dopamine produced while with real life partner, is not merely enough to stimulate the receptors in your brain, which, in turn, control your penis. Hence, lack of arousal with real life partner easily concludes that the one is dealing with medical erectile dysfunction. However, now when you know the reality why erectile dysfunction on rise among men under 30, you can understand that this kind of erectile dysfunction is porn-induced erectile dysfunction.

What does Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction mean?

With the endless supply of sexual images and porn on the internet, men are on the perpetual hunt for something more arousing than the last visual. The more hard core or graphic the pan gets, the more one will expect from his real life person. If this escalates, you will look for more kinky ways to have sex. Or just the whole idea of sex with another person will make you physically unable to keep it up for long or unable to get it up at all. While your brain is getting trained fore more extreme sexual pleasures, your partner is stuck with the thoughts that she is not able to seduce you well. These situations generally lead in relationship issues which you can not easily discuss with anyone.

The Psychological Turmoil

Your inability to perform in the bedroom as a result of porn-induced erectile dysfunction can seriously affect your state of mind. A man with erectile dysfunction caused by continuous masturbation to porn may suffer from performance anxiety. He will develop self-conscious issues, become easily irritable, frustrated and have problems sleeping. This can put immense pressure on your relationship with your partner and your ability to socialize.

Is Masturbating Really that Bad?

You must have heard the saying, “Too much of anything can be bad for you“. The same is in this case, masturbation and especially masturbating to porn. Masturbation can help you prevent premature ejaculation, but doing it too often can prevent you from ejaculating all together. Hope you understand!!

What are the Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction?

If you masturbate to porn, it is best to stop immediately. This is because you are headed down the path of self-destruction. And if you are afraid you may be suffering from porn induced erectile dysfunction then you need to look for the following symptoms

  • Getting an erection and reaching climax is much easier while masturbating to porn compared to sex with real life partner.
  • You feel uninterested in sex with real life partner.
  • Your partner feels like you aren’t interested in them sexually.
  • Reaching an orgasm takes way too long with your partner.
  • You would actually end up using your hand over actual intercourse.
  • Your erection won’t sustain for long when you are with real life partner.
  • Your erection won’t be as hard as it should be when you are with your real life partner.
  • You keep your porn a secret from your partner and after sex masturbate in secret to actually get off.

Is Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction Reversible?

The good news is – Yes, Porn Induced Erectile Dysfuntion can be reversed!

How to Reverse Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction

To reverse porn-induced erectile dysfunction, you will have to give up porn and masturbating to make a full recovery. You need to be patient and go slow. There will be times, when your body will need it badly, and you won;t be able to control the eagerness to watch porn. But, thats the time when you need to be strict to yourself. To get on the road to recovery you will have to abstain from masturbating to porn, no matter how badly you want to. This isn’t a one day challenge, it will take time and support of your partner.

It is not easy to talk about it, but you will need to talk to your partner about the whole situation and ask for her support. It can take 3-5 months to heighten your receptor sensitivity to dopamine. For some people it may be quicker and for some it may take longer. But since the only cure here is time and resistance, you will need to take it one day at a time.

During the recovery period, it may appear that you have lost your libido completely. But Don’t be scared, as this is only temporary. Whenever, you feel weaker and can’t control, go to your partner. Her motivation and support will bring back your strength. If even after 6 months you don’t see any change, then you must seek professional help from a counselor or a urologist. Make sure to tell your professional helper, about the porn-induced erectile dysfunction and not just erectile dysfunction. It will take a bit of tough love, but if you slip up, don’t be too hard on yourself. Hope you get back to a normal life with your partner soon!!!

Hey you!! Yes, if you think you are not dealing with porn-induced erectile dysfunction, read it. Because you might end up facing it one day, if you don’t change your habit of masturbating with porn today!!!



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