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Cope with Anxiety and Stress without Medication

All of us are on the run, trying to get the maximum out of a day. A day, full of duties, deadlines, meetings and targets. The pressure of meeting these deadlines and perform one’s best leads to many a complication in our daily lives. Such is the lifestyle today that it leaves you drained, stressed and anxious. Most of the time you end up popping pills to soothe your nerves and mind. People want quick relief, but there are simple remedies and rules if followed regularly, you can cope with anxiety and stress without medication easily at your home.

Source: www.huffingtonpost.com
Source: www.huffingtonpost.com


A daily dose of exercise is not only good for your physical health but also refreshes your mind. It drains off stress. Exercise increases blood circulation in the body and brain. Endorphin flow increased, it leaves you with a ‘feel good’ factor. Exercising is thus, the best wat to cope with anxiety and stress without medication


Yoga is a form of exercise, which is a balance of mind, body and breath. The exercise of Yoga, forces the mind to concentrate on body movement and breathing, which in turn calms the mind. Thus, Yoga is one of the easiest way to cope with anxiety and stress without medication.


A good massage around the shoulder and neck is a great stress reliever. A complete body massage will leave you relaxed and calm. Not only will your moods get better, your aches and pains will vanish too! A good massage not just pampers your body physical but also helps you to cope with anxiety and stress without medication.


If you don’t have time for the gym or regular exercise, then a walk in the early morning sun is very rejuvenating. A walk in the garden, one with nature, is a good stress reliever. A little sunshine everyday can help you to cope with anxiety and stress without medication.

A healthy diet

Regular, healthy meals elevate the spirits. Foods rich in Omega3 fatty acids helps in reducing stress. Walnuts or cod liver oil tablets will provide these. Brown rice, whole grain oats and cabbage are also said to reduce stress..


Stress, anxiety causes sleeplessness and reduced sleep again increases stress. Break the vicious cycle sticking to a specific bedtime and a minimum of 6 hours sleep. Wake up with a relaxed mind. You must have heard about beauty sleep, and now here we are with Anti-Stress sleep. GO and grab your bed and get an anti stress sleep.

Talk it out

Talk about your fears and anxiety with a friend or a family member. Problems shared lessens your burden. If you have no friend or relative, close by a therapist can also help you by listening to your problems and advice you how to deal with the problems.

Write it down

If talking about a problem is a problem, then it is best to keep a journal and write about your stress, fears and anxiety. This will not only help you to channelize your emotions but also find solutions.

Pursue a Hobby

Doing what you love the most is the biggest source of happiness. If you are passionate about painting or gardening or any other interests then take time out to pursue it. You see, your stress melting away.


Music is a powerful tool that can infuse positive energy in the atmosphere. Listening to music can be very calming and you will feel a happy shift in the mood. Music is one of the most soothing way to cope with anxiety and stress without medication

Positive people

Being around positive and happy people help us forget our worries and make us smile.  The pep talk helps us touch various other subjects that can deviate us from thoughts that bring us down. So develop a good friend circle and keep family close.


Prayers can take you a long way in keeping negative thoughts at bay. Prayer gives you peace of mind. A few minutes of meditation in the prayer room can leave you calm.


When you are stressed and anxious you prefer to spend time alone. But a friend who can give you company, but not bother you is, a good book. An interesting book will keep you occupied with good thoughts. A book on positive thinking can also give you tips on dealing with your thoughts positively.

Go on a holiday

Taking a break from work could relieve stress and anxiety. Plan a holiday and take time away from work. Exploring new places, treks, a road trip with your loved ones will not only leave you with beautiful memories but also make stress disappear.

Anxiety and stress are part of life for most of the people given their hectic professions and lifestyles. But it is not very tough to keep the negative feelings at bay. What you need is your decision to make simple, healthy changes in lifestyle, keep time aside for self and family and know when to give yourself a break from the entire hustle bustle. Hope, that after reading this amazing and handy tip to cope with anxiety and stress without medication will help you relieve yourself from unnecessary anxiety and stress.

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