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December 2015 My Envy Box Review

Hey Girls!! This is my first Subscription Box review and unboxing. I know I am quite late for December 2015 My Envy Box Review but I got mine quite late. I am super excited and my excitement went on a higher level when I saw Catrice products in my box. Well, subscribing to beauty boxes in India isn’t that popular, but I must tell you, if you are into makeup and cosmetics, you must subscribe to some Beauty Subscription Box. Start with a cheaper one, and once you get a hold of it you can choose the one which suits your needs the best. MY ENVY BOX is easy on your pocket and gives you the best value for money. Let’s see what I got in the December 2015 My Envy Box.

December 2015 My Envy Box Review 1

December 2015 My Envy Box came with 2 full size products and 3 product samples. Getting some high end brand samples in the subscription box makes the MEB more special to me. Here is the list of products, I got in my December 2015 My Envy Box subscription box-

I got two full-size Catrice products and 3 samples in December 2015 My Envy Box-

  • Ananda Facial Moisturiser for Normal to dry skin sample tub of 10gm (Full Size product comes in 50gm worth Rs. 1350/-)
  • O3+ Whitening Mask sample tube of 10ml (Full size product comes in 50gm worh Rs. 775/-)
  • Bioderma Photoderm AKN MAT SPF30 Fluid Sample 2 tubes of 5ml each (Full size product comes in 40ml tube worth Rs. 1400/-)
  • Catrice Nail Polish Full size product of 10ml worth Rs. 445/-
  • Catrice Lash & Brow Designer Full size product of 6ml worth Rs. 660/-

December 2015 My Envy Box Review 1

Ananda Facial Moisturizer for Normal and Dry Skin Deluxe

This is the first time, I would try Ananda products, Hope to get the best results. This is a daily moisturizing light cream with the fragrance of rose and sandalwood. The brand claims that it helps prevent early signs of aging by smoothening fine lines, stimulates cell renewal and hydrates skin. One may use it at day and night.

What I felt about Ananda Facial Moisturizer- It is very light, thus doesn’t leave stickiness on my skin. I loved the fragrance and yes, it does hydrates my skin quite well.

O3+ Whitening Mask

I have heard a lot about O3+ products, and I am really excited to use this sample. Although, I am not really unhappy with my skin tone, but just to soothen up my curious nerves, I can’t wait to try O3+ product.

What I felt about O3+ Whitening Mask

Surprisingly, it left my skin really soft, hydrated and it did changed my facial skin tone, but but but that was just for a few hours. I don’t think, I would want to buy the full size product, although it’s a good product, if you are looking for instant results.

December 2015 My Envy Box Review 2

Bioderma Photoderm AKN mat SPF 30 sunblock for combination to oily

I have heard a lot about Bioderma products, and in the times of Winters, when we love the sun so much, sunblock becomes a necessity. Very thoughtful of My Envy Box to add a sunblock in this month’s subscription box.

What I felt about Bioderma Photoderm SPF 30 Sunblock

Well, I have oily skin and I don’t usually get a sunblock that doesn’t make my already oily skin more oily and sticky. I loved the sunblock, as it suits my oily skin completely.

December 2015 My Envy Box Review 3

Catrice Nail polish (60 out of the dark)

I am so excited to get 2 full size Catrice products. If you are in love with cosmetics, I am sure you must have heard about Catrice. I got this nail polish in a dark mysterious purplish grey color with a high-shine finish. I didn’t get a color that I would actually want to have. I am more into pinks and reds, but none the less, lets see how’s the Catrice Nail POlish.

What I felt about Catrice Nail Paint

As the company claims, the nail polish has a great longer durability, doesn’t crack or fade even after 3-4 days. The nail polish is really easy to apply and doesn’t leave lines behind. I loved the product.

December 2015 My Envy Box Review 4

Catrice Lash & Brow Designer – Shaping and Conditioning Gel

Shaping and Conditioning gel for lashes and Brows, looks like a new product for me. I have never heard about any such gel that conditions and shapes brows and lashes. We all definitely need something that can condition our brows and lashes for sure. The best part of this product is the gel is more like a transparent mascara, so whenever I have to go to a small function or a get together, I skip my mascara and just use this transparent conditioning gel that gives my lashes a unique look. The uniqueness of this product is also it’s brush, one side of the brush is a normal bristle brush that you can use on your lashes and the other side of the brush is a spool that works well for your for your eyebrows. Conditioning my brows and lashes have become a daily routine for me now.

What I felt about Catrice Lash & Brow Designer – Shaping and Conditioning Gel

I would have never thought of the need of a conditioning gel for my brows and lashes, if I havn’t got this product through My Envy Box. And now when I have got it, I can say that our lashes and brows does need conditioning. I am in love with this product and Catrice.

For me, December 2015 My Envy box is great value for money and for someone like me, who has started with makeup and cosmetics, it’s definitely a must buy. I have recently got fond of brands, cosmetics and make-up, thus I love using and trying new brands. Being a blogger, I love to review them as well, I hope you like my unboxing as well as tiny miny short reviews of the products I got from My Envy Box. Stay connected for more reviews and unboxing of subscription boxes. Leave your suggestions and advices below.

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