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Grehlakshmi – Greh + Lakshmi is the term used for the women who take care of their homes (home makers as well as multitasking Home makers who work outside as well). GrehLakshmi is the magazine that celebrates womanhood in their each magazine. It’s a magazine meant for women of all age groups. Grehlakshmi has been celebrating their dopehars with their lovely ladies until Covid-19 hit our country and we weren’t allowed to do so. SO? Did we stop…No we wont ever. We are women of India… we know how to find ways out. Nothing can stop us to have a good time. So the Grehlakshmi Team decided to go on E-Dopehar with their women gang.

I felt privileged to be a part of Grehlakshmi Dopehar in such a fun way. Lockdown has taken a toll on our lives. We couldn’t go out, there weren’t any maids and life was becoming boring. This E-Grehlakshmi Dopahar came as a bright sunlight in the lives to add some fun, masti and a short break from the boring life.

The event took place on 4 July 2020 with E- Grehlakshmi Dopehar Season 1 but ONLINE… yes you heard it right. Grehlakshmi went online for the event and I guess this is the new normal. The E-Grehlakshmi Dopehar was a HIT amongst all the Grehlakshmis present, as it gave them the much needed break from house hold chores for a fun filled time.

The event started with “Swachh Bharat Oath”. The Grehlakshmis took the pledge to keep their home and surroundings clean and green and also to stay safe by staying inside and following the new rules meant for fighting Covid 19. Yes, we did have lots of fun too. There were games that included Biscuits game, Tambola and Dance competition. Trust me, the Grehlakshmis went a step ahead and put in their best efforts to make this event more happening online too. Even though everyone was at their homes away from each other, but the energy, efforts and enthusiasm was on peak. It was such a fun event in a new normal way.

Apart from games, there were lots more. On the spot health and nutrition experts gave their precious advices to the Grehlakshmis. Astrology and Tarot cards, food shows and photo opportunity booth. This E-Dopehar lacked nothing one could think of. And yes, the gifts of the winners were sent by courier, so there wasn’t anything that lacked. Woooohoooo!!!

The games ended with gratification to all Grehlakshmis present at the event. All the winners and blog partners were felicitated. The event was sponsored by #Inatur ( #ProductsThatTalk #Organic) and was also covered by blog partners – Payal Bansal, Annie Arora, Pooja Budhiraja and Ashita Arora.

Looking ahead for another E-Dopehar with lovely Grehlakshmis. :Wink :Wink

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