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It is not uncommon to find people in jobs they hate, but when you do, its tragic. When you hate your job, there is no way you can escape from being depressed, Yes WORK DEPRESSION is for real. Even while having fun, the slightest thought of your work can ruin your mood. This is why it is imperative to build your career around things you love doing. Although, with the way things work in real-life, doing a job you love is steadily becoming a myth. Most people always have to settle for whatever makes them the most money and deal with it. This is not the right way to go about things, but a lot of people don’t have the luxury of choice. However, for some people, there is no way around it. Doing a job they don’t love will only send them into a deep depression that could take years of therapy to come out.

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If you are one of those people or you are generally worried that your work is making you depressed, here are some clear-cut signs of early work-related depression. Working on these signs, and using some practical lifestyle tips will enhance your career.

No Future Plans

An increase in salary/wage and status is one of the significant signs that you are progressing in your career path. If you are in a job where you don’t see yourself in the big office, or the thought of doing something worthy of a raise does not cross your mind, then you are likely on the edge of work-related depression.

 You just want to get in and get out

A proper working environment generally involves some extracurricular activities and politics. If all you want to do is to get the job done quickly, leave as soon as the closing bell chimes, then you are likely depressed by your job. Such a habit can also invoke a feeling of failure, when the truth is that you merely need a change in your routine.

 Doing the bare minimum

Before starting a job, an employer will give you the job description. But in truth, most times, your actual task will go beyond the story. If you are the type who suddenly only wants to do the least work possible, then something must have changed. Maybe you have reached your limit?

You don’t care about your safety

If you suddenly start caring less about work-related safety measures, this a significant sign that you are far along in your work-related depression. You are just a step away from being suicidal, and you need to seek help immediately.

You are ready to fight your superiors at the slightest provocation.

No matter how hot-tempered a person is, they usually try to hide that trait from their bosses. If you are no longer scared or concerned about the repercussions of fighting your superiors, you are trying to self sabotage your job.

Unexplained fatigue once you at work

Bar any pre-existing health conditions, if you suddenly start feeling restless and fatigue sets in once you are at work, but once you leave work, you are back to normal, the problem is likely with your work.

 Things you generally find funny are no longer funny

If the office funny guy suddenly starts to piss only you off, or you start wondering what makes him or her happy, the problem is likely not the person, but your job.

If you notice any of these signs, the best thing is to seek help from professionals who will help you diagnose the problem. Who knows, you could just be going through mood swings and nothing more.

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