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Covid is everywhere and trust me its so scary. We can stay inside, wear masks, use sanitizers and do a lot to keep ourself and our surroundings clean and safe from coronavirus. But what to do with fruits and vegetables. Everyone is doing tons of things to bring this essential thing inside with uttermost care but still scared, if they are doing enough!!! The answer is here with Qraa Veggie Wash. It not only makes sure your veggies and fruits are safe from Coronavirus but also make sure it eliminates wax and other harmful bacteria or viruses. I got my hands on it to see how nicely it works.
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Qraa Veggie Wash Price- Rs 450/- for 500ml

Buy from – Amazon / Flipkart

The brands says- Its organic composition consists of corn, coconut, apple cider vinegar and citric acid to sanitize fruits and vegetables thoroughly. It does not contain any harmful preservatives, detergent soap, chlorine, perfume or alcohol.
SO that answers to all vegetarians, that Qraa Veggie wash is completely safe to use and there is NO ALCOHOL.

Qraa Veggie Wash Packaging

Qraa Veggie Wash comes in a cylindrical transparent bottle. The packaging is very normal and nothing to drool about. Obviously with so low pricing, I wasn;t expecting something really fancy.
The liquid inside is transparent with a hint of little soapiness. There is no smell, which is a big plus point

My Experience with Qraa Veggie Wash

I got this bottle and was looking forward to use it. Its really easy – 3 teaspoon (15 ml) in 500 ml of water. You can dip your veggies and fruits and leave them for around a minute or two. Wash them with clean water and you are good to go.
I dipped apples for around 2 minutes to check, if it works on wax too. It might have removed a little wax from apples, but not completely.
But other than that, I could see my veggies and fruits much cleaner and infact it actually improved the shelf life too. Maybe, coz I washed them, and let them air dry before I put them in the fridge.

What I like about Qraa Veggie Wash

  • Does what it claims
  • It becomes easier to clean fruits n veggies
  • No foul smell
  • Easy to use
  • Very very pocket friendly

What I didn’t like about Qraa Veggie Wash

  • It didn’t remove wax completely from apples

My ratings for Qraa Veggie Wash is 4.5 out of 5

Would I recommend using Qraa Veggie Wash

YES! Not just for COVID19 but I would rather use it always. There are so many harmful viruses and bacteria which need to stay away from us. Keeping everything sanitized and safe is the new normal that should be followed always.

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