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I Feel Like Running Away

There are times when you sulk deep inside and get tired of life and that is when you feel like running away from everything. It happens with everyone…. It does !!!

The question arise here is How to deal with it, what to do when you feel like running away and escaping from your life.

Well, I am here to help and ease you, your mind and soul. Take a few deep breaths and read….

Why do we feel so tired of life that we want to run away?

It happens because something has hurt you deep inside and you are not able to deal with it. It happens when you are not able to vent out your anger, your sadness or your negative feeling about someone or some situation. The negativity of such things start bulging inside your mind and you feel so uneasy that you want to run away from yourself, your life and everything.

One feels irritated, angry, alone, restless, doesn’t feel like talking to anyone or doing anything. The worst part of this feeling is, one talk very rudely to everyone and that makes him/her more alone. This also happens because only the person knows how he/she is feeling inside, and no one else. So everyone takes this rudeness in a negative way and get away rather than helping.

One must not take this situation lightly as it is quite depressing to feel this way and it may leave bad, very bad impact on you and your mental and emotional health.

Things to do when you feel like running away

Try to find that one person-

This time you need that one person who can listen to you. Try to find that one person whom you trust, who trusts you. Blurt out all that’s inside you and irritating you. Don’t think about anything and just blurt out everything – good or bad, abuse if you like, cry if you want, curse if that makes you feel ok but puke out all the negativity that is inside you and making you so sick.

Option- If you can’t find anyone…. Open your notepad and write….. it works. Write everything and then burn it and flush it.

Go and have some Fresh Air Alone

Fresh air works wonder. Go to a nearby park or maybe on your terrace and talk to yourself. Talk to yourself and blurt out all. The key is to get all the negativity out….. and fresh air makes you feel calm inside out.

Open your old memories and cherish them

Find the memory treasure, your old photographs. There is nothing beautiful than cherishing those beautiful old memories. I am sure it will make you nostalgic and your eyes wet. Believe it or not, tears are also a way to bring the negativity from inside out.

Plan a small vacation

Plan a small vacation to a place that could bring peace to your mind and soul. Nature, Water, snow and beautiful weather are the best healers. Trust me, it is going to work.

Plan a trip to some Ayurveda Center

There are Ayurveda centers that help you disconnect from outer world and connect to your inner self. Therapeutic massages, yoga and meditation helps in cleansing your mind, soul and body completely. Rejuvenation Time!!

Do Something Childish

It might sound idiotic but trust me it works. Become a small child and do childish things. GO and have some rides (Kids one). Play with balloons, bubbles or may be with kids in a nearby park. Spending time with kids like a kid is a fun filled experience that is going to bring your laughter and smile back.

Do What Makes you Feel Happy from Inside

Your favourite hobby, passion or that stuff that makes you happy. Like I just love being with flowers and flowers take away all my stress and tensions. Find your soul healer… and get free from all the stress.

Hope you get out of this terrible situation to feel like running away and get back to your normal self as a happy person.

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