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Being happy and staying happy is not a rocket science. Staying Happy is in your own hands, Yes it is. Before you read ahead to see what is in the store to learn, How to find your happiness back and bring it back in your Life, I want to know, what is your definition of Happiness?

Scientific definition says, Happiness is an emotional state that refreshes our mind and body. What is happiness for normal human beings?

For me, when a small or big incident that suddenly brings a smile on your face, making you feel lighter. When all the problems troubling you start losing their importance that is happiness for me. A smile is the biggest asset we human beings have, even doctors agree that one who stays happy stays healthy. Even a physically healthy person is not completely healthy unless he is emotionally and mentally healthy too.

Today, everyone is sad, upset and troubles of life doesn’t let you smile or feel the happiness around. One or the other reason keeps your mind occupied troubling you mentally and emotionally. No matter how hard you try to be happy, some problems arise making you sad again. We all are looking for happiness here and there. Here are some Easy and Simple steps you can boost your happiness and smile

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Easy & Simple Steps for Happiness

Trick Your Mind

When something bothers you, irritate you and upset you start tricking your mind. Stop, pause and start thinking about the beautiful memorable moments that bring back your happiness.

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Keep Yourself Busy

Keep yourself busy with things you like and feel happy doing. These leisure activities will keep you busy and your mind away from things that are upsetting you. These things will help you stay calm.


Small kids and their innocent tantrums can make anyone smile and forget their issues and problems. A laughing kid can make you laugh, try it out.

Avoid Discussing

Avoid discussing the thing that is troubling you and irritate you. That makes you more upset and will never let you be happy.

Fresh Air

Fresh air has something that soothes your mind. Yes, it does….. It is magical. Be it night or day, go and have a taste of fresh air, this is the cheapest trick to stay happy. A small breeze of air will come and take away all the pain away, leaving a brisk smile on your face.

Find a Reason

Happiness is not going to find a way to you, you will have to find a way to your happiness. Find a reason for yourself to smile, boost your happiness. Go and help strangers and feel how much your happiness will boost.

Talk to Yourself

Sometimes the happiness is locked inside. Go and talk to yourself and find out the reason your happiness is away. Tell yourself all you have, all the beautiful things in the world you possess, the beautiful relationships and calm yourself. No one else knows you better than you.


Your friends are your reflection. When you cannot find your happiness, they will make sure they will take you to your happiness. Remember, A friend in need is a friend indeed. When you have lost your happiness in your busy life, they will help you get your smile back.

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