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Health Insurance Guide for Women

In this world of MEN, Women needs a lot of courage to survive and excel. And one such thing is HEALTH INSURANCE. There used to be a time when people used to say, Why does a women need a Health Insurance, but NO We women do need a health insurance and here today, I am going to talk about why do we need a Health Insurance and also about Health Insurance guide for Women.

Unexpected life calamities can confront anyone at any point of time. Protecting your beloved ones against unwanted happening is a wise way to live for men as well as for women. Then why does this society prefer men over women even in the terms of a Health Insurance??? Choose the best women insurance plans so that you can always feel empowered. After all, a woman needs to take care of herself before she can look after her family and loved ones. The most successful women in life are always prepared for emergencies and unexpected situations. Despite higher cost of living and soaring inflation, a woman deserves all the protection and peace that a man needs. And to have a shield in form of insurance cover is a MUST.

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Why choosing Insurance Policy is so Important for Women?

Women are independent in today’s world and are financially supporting their families as well. Health Insurance is such a shield that is going to help their families and loved ones even in the case of tragedies and emergency situations. With so many add-ons with Health Insurance plans these days, any unexpected incidents like accident, sudden critical illness or even death, one can get the maximum benefits. All you need to do is get the best insurance cover for women. Women deserve a stress free life.

How to choose the best Health Insurance?

With a variety of health insurance policies available for women, finalizing a one can be slightly daunting. Diseases like thyroid, hormone disorder, breast cancer and ovarian cysts are commonly affecting women. Let us have a close look to those guidelines that would channelize you towards the best Health Insurance policy for women

  • Waiting Period – it’s not only an old woman who can face diseases during her lifetime, But also a girl of 15 – 16 years of age. Anyone can catch hold of life threatening diseases. The preexisting diseases have an overall waiting period of 2 – 5 years. Choose the right health plan when you are young.
  • Value added services – apart from the fundamental facilities provided by the insurance policy, make sure that there is a scope for free medical checkup as well.
  • Simple claim and processing – insurance policies that quickly settle the claim with good ratio should be selected. Reach IRDA website for knowing the claim settlement ratio of different companies.
  • Maternity cover – choose an insurance policy that provides Maternity cover if you are planning to get pregnant. With few insurance companies that offer Maternity cover, you have to be a little more cautious in finalizing a particular policy.

From Whom to Buy the Insurance Policy?

People tend to choose intermediaries for buying insurance covers. However, the most cost effective method to get an insurance policy is through the employer. Employers provide the best benefits along with revealing the hidden clauses.

Which type of Insurance Policies should be Selected?

Every woman who has an advance age must have insurance policies for health, homeowner and disability. Particularly women who are 50 and above seriously need long term Care Insurance to keep them safe against calamities.

  • Disability Insurance – women often ignore the disability risk. After the age of 30, there are multiple chances of dying prematurely. Therefore, every person who is employed in a factory should have disability insurance at any cost.
  • Homeowners insurance – lenders demand insurance to mortgage a property. Buy an affordable Home Insurance cover so that you can at least have a shelter even after your retirement.
  • Life Insurance – Life Insurance is required as long as you have dependents at your home. A life insurance policy provides protection to your spouse and children posthumously. However, if you are single and do not have any dependents, there is no point of selecting a Life Insurance policy. Instead, it would be better if you invest in buying a disability cover.
  • Long term Care Insurance – having an insurance policy that provides long term care services such as nursing and home care is worthwhile. It looks after your health without extracting your resources and assets. Coverage policies of long term Care Insurance makes you choose amongst different types of settings and services.

A strong woman remains independent irrespective of her age group. An insurance policy is a way to plan out the untold circumstances of life. Instead of imposing the burden of medical treatment and home care on others, choose a wise Life insurance policy with best possible add-ons and Value-added services that keeps you smiling always.

About Aegon Life

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