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Exclusive Breastfeeding Challenges Women Face Today and their Solutions

Pregnancy is a beautiful face and so is Breastfeeding. Breastfeeding has tons and tons of benefits for mothers as well as the babies. But the best out of all is the bond a mother and baby share and make while breastfeeding. A baby gives the best gift to a mother by coming in her life and the best gift a mother can give her baby is THE LIQUID GOLD, her breast milk. I am glad I could attend Pre natal Classes at Apollo Cradle Royale New Delhi and get the best help and advices from Dr. Geeta Chadha, Senior Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and Dr. Vandana Sarcar, Lactation Consultant. They not only mentally prepared me for my labour but also made me and other mommies to be importance of exclusively breastfeeding and the exclusive breastfeeding challenges I was about to face and how to fight them.

We all know that special things doesn’t come in abundance and that’s whay makes them rare and so special. Nature is full of miracles and one of them is Breast milk that comes only when you deliver you baby and comes only in the quantity your baby needs. You can never go empty for your baby, your milk will never get rotted, There won’t be any chance your milk could be of no good to your baby. Your baby decides to wean and your body will stop making milk. You get injured, apply your breast milk and see how miraculous is the breastmilk!!!

We all the know why and how Breastmilk is important but still Women of today faces lots of challenges to exclusively breastfeed. We are going to bring out all the challeneges and also discuss how these challeneges can be faced.

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Exclusive Breastfeeding Challenges Women Face Today

NO or Low Milk Supply

Most of the women today complain that their body doesn’t have or have very low milk supply. Wait, theres a solution to this problem. Lactation Consultant, you need to find a good lactation consultant not just after delivering the baby but you need one much before you deliver a baby. They prepare you and your body for the changes that are about to come. How to take care of your breasts and prepare them for breastfeeding. If you have delivered the baby and didn’t have a lactation consultant, get one now. They are the best at their jobs. Right posture, Right skin to skin, right latch, right food and right mindset is all you need to breastfeed your baby.

Inverted/ Flat Nipples

The another common problem women face is their nipples are either flat or inverted and the baby is not able to latch properly. Again, a Lactation Consultant is only the one who can help and your baby here. Finding the correct posture so your baby can latch properly according to the shape of your breast and nipples is the key. Apart from that, shields, breast pumps and a lot more stuff comes in the picture which only a lactation consultant can advise according to your issue.

Cracked Sore Nipples

Breastfeeding hurts! My nipples are cracked, sore, it too painful! New moms will relate to it for sure. You are new to breastfeeding and so is your baby. You both are learning and the learning phase is always tougher. Start with prenatal classes to prepare yourself. Moisturize your breasts from second trimester. Well moisturized nipples dnt crack so easily and preparing them from second trimester improves the elasticity of nipples. You can use your own breast milk or warm desi ghee to treat cracked sore nipples.


Be it normal or C-sec, breastfeeding with wrong postures increase backache and your body is still recovering from delivering a baby. But trust me, right posture and right food is the key to this problem. Do not stop exclusively breastfeeding your baby.

NO Support from Family

“Your supply is not enough” “Baby is still hungry” “Cows milk is better than motherfeed” “Your milk is just white water” “baby looks weak, your milk is not good enough” “Give top feed once a day if you want to sleep” and 1000 other reasons.
THE ANSWER– Nothing is as good as Breast Milk. Nothing can give the nutrition, the health, the love and warmth a mother’s milk can. Breast Milk is known as LIQUID GOLD and there might be a reason for it. Cows Milk is for her baby and not mine. A mother’s body understands the need of the baby, it might take a few days for your body to understand but give it some time. The more your baby sucks, the more your body will understand.
No one teaches a newborn how to suck, hot to find the nipple. They know it well before they are even born and there would be a reason God sent them with this knowledge. Do not deprive them from Breast Milk.

NO support for Working Women

Feeding your baby is your right and if your Work Space do not understand it. Make them understand or fight for it for your baby. If you believe in yourself, world will believe in you. NO one can defeat a MOTHER, trust me J

Fear of Feeding in Public

Baby is hungry and you are not at home. Find a corner and feed your baby. There are methods- 2 T shirt method, Your dupatta, A corner to help you, A mall’s trial room and if nothing, then your will power. Why to be ashamed of something that is RIGHT in every way?

And still there would be mother’s who for some or the other reason cant exclusively breastfeed their babies.  Join groups like – Breastfeeding Support for Indian Mothers and you can get Breast Milk Donations, yes you can get breast milk from other mothers to help get your baby the liquid gold s/he deserves. Don’t feel guilty or embarrassed because no one can be better than you as a mother, No matter what.

How Apollo Cradle Royale helped me to Breastfeed Exclusively

The Lactation Consultant at Apollo Cradle Royale New Delhi not only helped me to start breastfeeding but also helped me to keep exclusively feeding my baby. Dr. Vandana Sarcar not only taught me the right posture but also helped me n my baby to learn deep latch techniques. My baby is 1 and I am fully prepared to breastfeed me baby for as long as I can and she asks for. Not just breastfeeding, but I am so convinced and pampered at Apollo Cradle Delhi, that I am dead sure that I am going to choose only Apollo Cradle Royal for my next Delivery. Stay connected to know, why I have already chosen Apollo Cradle and why I am so eager to recommend this hospital to every mother for her most beautiful phase.

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