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#MedsCanWait with supplements!! Yes they can!!

You might have heard this too, that supplements can help us stay away from Medicines. Let’s see, How!!!


In this fitness freak world, everyone wants to stay fit and fine. For this, the majority of people join fitness programs like Yoga, Gym, Aerobics, and Zumba etc. However, a majority of people do take supplements either every day or occasionally to stay fit and healthy. Today’s supplements include minerals, vitamins, amino acids, botanicals and many others that can easily replace the medicines. These supplements come in a variety of forms like powders, drinks and energy bars and their main motto is to feed us with all the nutrients needed as well as making us healthy from inside. Popular supplements brand, Setu has a similar initiative #MedsCanWait!!

There are a variety of supplements available in market which cater problems we all face in today’s hectic lifestyle like vision because of usage of laptops and mobiles, pressure because of sleep deprivation & stress, detox and cleansing because of fast food and wrong eating habits, low immunity because of increasing chemicals in food and air, heart problems, liver problems, skin problems, hormonal problems and so on…The list won’t stop. Supplements can for sure deal with all ailments like these by making us healthy from inside.

You must have heard from your Grandmother that eating ginger in winter can beat winter blues and using turmeric can heal you from various ailments. So in short I can say supplements are latest version of those “Grandmom ke nuskhe”. We all believe in them but who has time to grind and mix things to make those powerful nuskhe to and keep ourselves healthy in this busy lifestyle of ours. So, these supplements for me are the best easy options to keep myself and my health on track in a modernized way :wink

I have been using a few supplements from SETU and so I thought of introducing them to you all.


Diabetes is a dreadful disease which is commonly found in all age groups of people. The General occurrence of this disease is due to an excess of insulin level may be in Urine or blood. Therefore, to control this glucose level, Setu has got a supplement for people with type 2 diabetes called Sugar Soldier. This would definitely help you control your sugar level and build you strong from within.


Eyes are something that many people take for granted until there is an injury or a disease that starts affecting them. Diseases related to eyes can be controlled or diminish by simply taking Setu brand supplements. In general, good eye supplements must contain Vitamins like Vitamin A and Vitamin C, Lutein, Zeaxanthin etc. All of which is found in Setu supplements in the form of Eye Max and Lutein + Zeaxanthin. Both of them, are designed to safeguard against such lifestyle conditions, issues and ensure healthy vision maintenance.

Immunity and Digestion

In today’s world, it is necessary to have a good immunity and digestion system. But, these problems are very common all around the world. Be it as indigestion, gas, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn. Most of the people have experienced one or more of these problems. Therefore, to avoid these issues Setu has introduced Probiotic YourGut that is created for effective, multi-mechanistic approach to chronic conditions. This will help you in digestion and keep you away from taking medicines.


Heart is one of the hardest working muscles in the human body. It works 24 hours a day without stopping or getting tired. This organ ensures an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body through blood. If the heart does not function properly, it will have serious health implications. Therefore, it is important to maintain a healthy heart. With this, you can avoid heart attack and heart failure issues. Setu has introduced supplements in the form of Counter Cholesterol and Pressure Pal which will improve and maintain the health of your heart.


Liver is the most sensitive part of your body. If it does not work well, it hinders the overall performance of the body. Today increased alcohol consumption and the spread of dangerous bacteria and viruses in our water and food have made liver damage which causes a serious health issue. Setu brings to you a wide range of liver supplements in the form of Liver Lift, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Silymarin Life that help you repair and prevent liver damages.

It is very important that you buy a good and a natural supplement that will help you avoid taking medicines. Setu brand supplements create a new wave in everyday health care. If you take supplements regularly, you can easily stay away from meds and improve your overall health.

Setu health products are one of the best-selling brand of supplements in the country. The brand has created an awareness about maintaining health and staying away from meds in an easy way – Supplements. And yes as Setu says, #medscanwait.

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