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Being a #FirstTimeMOM is very scary and lovable at same time

I am a first time mom and the pressure I had was too tough and hard on my mind and body. Choosing the best for your baby is what all moms want, but it becomes a task for first time moms. You cannot listen to every suggestion, you always ask for suggestions and you end up getting confused in every manner.

I got an angel in my arms and she was so delicate that it scared me even more to choose only the bestest products for her. I am glad, I got to know about the first water wipes and I tested them with flame test before they could reach my angel.

Why is Mother Sparsh, The first Water Wipes a first time moms BFF

Wet wipes have become necessity of today’s moms as they are easier to use, disposable and so handy. But with all the chemicals and harsh review about wet wipes are making it so scary for new moms to choose. Mother Sparsh wipes are not only soft and easy on skin but they are India’s #FirstWaterWipes which are 98% water, chemical free and very reasonable too. How could I not call them my bff as a first time mom?

Not just my baby but I also use them and my skin loves them a lot.

My Experience with Mother Sparsh Wipes

I was introduced with Mother Sparsh Wipes by a friend who is also a first time mom and have been under pressure of being a mom 4 mouths prior to I started my motherhood. She is such a saviour. I got 2 other brands wet wipes from friends and relatives but as my friend suggested, I did the flame test and they both failed miserably but Mother Sparsh wipes came out with flying colours. So I had no doubt in choosing them at all.

Lucky enough that my angel never had experienced rashes and it could be because of the water wipes I am using. I make sure to use the wipes gently until the wipe comes out completely colourless or odourless, to ensure my baby’s bums and private areas are completely clean. I tore the wipe in 2 parts and do not use the dirty wipe again as being wet the germs transfer pretty soon to the cleaner side too. So I find it more convenient to tear them.

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What I Liked about Mother Sparsh Wipes

  • EVERYTHING without any doubt

One thing that I would like to change in Mother Sparsh Wipes

  • The cover on the wipe package! After using it a few times, the gum thing vanishes and it stays a bit open. Get the flip open covers

My rating for Mother Sparsh Wipes is 4.8 out of 5

Will I buy Mother Sparsh Wipes again?

Not just I will buy it again, I recommend it to every new mom to not take chance with any other brands wipes. And if they don’t feel like trusting my words, I suggest them to do the flame test on their trustable wipe brand before trusting me. Most of my known moms have shifted to Mother Sparsh wipes and they are loving it.

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