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Is it Love or Lust? Know the difference and make your relationship stronger and better.

One of the most important and most difficult which every individual feels, once in their life is, whether is it love or lust? It can be a really difficult task to differentiate between love and lust. Whenever we feel some sense of attraction towards anyone, it puts us into a confusion as is it love or lust? While there are chances that you may find both love and lust as a same thing, but there are lots of differences between them. On one hand, if it is love, it can go for years and years, but if it is lust, it will divert, once you see someone more attractive. The real problem is that there is no such tool or gadget to know whether it is love or lust so we have to find it on our own. In this post, we have tried our best to show you the difference between love and lust.

Source: howyouliving.net
Source: howyouliving.net

Definition of love and lust.

Before going further, we need to understand the difference between love and lust.

  • Love is a permanent feeling of deep affection where the looks of the person do not matter. In love, you will not look out for alternatives and your aim is to get the same kind of love back from that person. The love we are talking here means care, attention and respect.
  • Lust is a temporary physical emotion where you are attracted towards the person because of his/her looks. It is lust if you are seeing a person just for having sex with him/her rather than making a bond with the same person. In lust, the main aim is to get in bed with the person instead of spending time with that person.

How to understand whether is it love or lust?

How do you see that person?
To know whether you are in love or lust, you need to understand how you see that person. Now there are two possible cases. You are either attracted to that person because of looks or because of heart.
· If you look the person as an object or just as another person with whom you can get intimate, its lust. If you are willing to spend time with a person just to know more about him/her, it’s the start of love.
· If you are ready to accept the person even after knowing his/her fault instead of leaving that person just for a small mistake, its love and latter part is lust.

How secure you feel?
· If it is love, you feel safe and secure with your partner, no matter what happens. In love, you are ready for commitment.
· In lust, there is no such thing like trust. The thing which matter is that how good it feels to be in bed with that person. There is no such commitment, once you are done, you are ready to leave or move on.

Source: lovelustandvanity.wordpress.com
Source: lovelustandvanity.wordpress.com

How long are you with that person and how further do you want to go?
· Love is like an eternal bond. There are chances that you may find your love at first sight and you may don’t know that you love that person despite being with him/her for years. If you are with a person since a long time and you want to explore more about him, its love.
· Lust is temporary desire. There are chances that you may feel a feeling of lust for a person one day and next day it just vanishes. You are not concerned about knowing him as you are more interested in getting intimate with them regardless of anything else.

How you handle conflict?
No matter, how much do you fight or argue, but at the end you are always together. The most important part of love is that you actually appreciate it when your partner speaks the truth even if it’s painful. You are ready to apologize just to make it go. You will emerge out as an even better couple after a fight. This is love.
A small fight is enough as a reason to move on after getting the “thing” done. Instead of solving the problem, you start blaming the other person. You don’t take any efforts to fix it as you think that you will find someone else or the person don’t serve you. This is purely lust.

Is it giving relationship or take relationship?
· In love, you want to give all the happiness to your partner. His/her happiness is more important and at the end of the day, you just want to see your partner smiling, no matter how hardships you faced. A smile on your partner’s face, refreshes you and motivates you.
· In lust, you focuses on how happy are you instead of your partner. It’s all about me and me. At the end of the day, you want to know how much this relationship helped you and how happy you are. The happiness of your partner doesn’t concern you much.

This was all about how to know it its love or lust. We hope that this post has helped you and now you can face the reality. Remember, lust can be turned into a love, but don’t try to convert love into lust.

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