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Medela #FeedToDefeat Campaign

The month of October is recognized as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month across the whole world. In order to mark this occasion more important and to aware all the women out there, Medela India has organized an awareness campaign ‘#FeedToDefeat’. We will tell you all about this amazing awareness event – Medela #FeedToDefeat campaign and will keep you guys out their updated with Live photos so if you have not been able to be present at the event you don’t feel left out. Awareness events like these should be loved by all, as they are the way we can defeat the eveils of our society. We all need to hold our hands together to defeat Breast Cancer this time. So, be prepared and reach for this event “Medela #FeedToDefeat campaign” during Raahgiri on Sunday, October 18, 2015, in Connaught Place, New Delhi. We all need to encourage more and more women to practice breastfeeding in order to prevent breast cancer. Yes, you read it right, it is scientifically proven that women who breastfeed are at a very lower risk of breast cancer.

Source- Medela #BeatToDefeat
Mothers support the cause of breastfeeding on Raahgiri Day


I feel so proud to be a part of such a wonderful event organized by Medela India. I have joined my hands with Medela India to mark October as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I didnt know but Medela India is doing such a great job for all the women out there. Medela India produce technologically advanced breastpumps and many other stuff for women and babies. It feels so great to be a part of an awareness event with such a great brand that is working for women care and health care.

There is a cute thing going on here, wish I could call up all my readers to paint this cute Giant Pink Balloon with all the wishes and thoughts. Although, you guys are not here but all those here have showed so much enthusiasm in the participation that this giant pink balloon is all full of messages. Aah!!! It’s going to be so much fun to watch my message with all others as well (wink wink) go up and up in the sky. Enough of masti, on serious notes, we all present here came forth to pledge for breastfeeding and signed up this cute giant pink balloon. Along with this supercute activity a musical rock band is present here. Wow!! The music makes the whole atmosphere here so serene. The performance on the ‘Magic of Mother’s Milk’ set the tone of the event musical and fun. I am sure all present here understand the importance of breastfeeding much more than we used to.

We all know, and According to WHO also, breast cancer is by far the most common cancer in women worldwide. Not just in India, but all around the world women are facing this issue and breast cancer is becoming more common day by day. Studies have shown that women who breastfeed for over a year, are five percent less likely to develop breast cancer. With more working women and figure conscious women, breastfeeding is becoming an obsolete concept and thus breast cancer is becoming more common. Women today must understand that nature has given us the power to feed our kid with the most nutritious fluid which not only completely takes care of the little one but also is very important for the mother’s health.

Mr Amit Raj Gogia, Country Head, Medela India said, “Breastfeeding is associated with the reduced risk of breast cancer, which is why it is important for new mothers to exercise breastfeeding. Medela India, through ‘Medela #FeedToDefeat campaign’ aims to empower women by enabling them to exercise breastfeeding as it helps in preventing breast cancer.”

Medela #BeatToDefeat
Over 250 women signed the Giant Pink Balloon Installed at the Raahgiri

Women who don’t breastfeed, not only weakens their child’s immune system and overall health and growth, but also their own. All the women here now understand why they must breastfeed and what are the consequences of not breastfeeding their little one.

Surprisingly, not only women but here a good number of men are present to support breastfeeding through #BeatToDefeat campaign. Glad to see that men of today understand the importance of women’s health and can get time out of their busy lives to participate in this noble cause.

P.S- I have done my part by being part of Medela #BeatToDefeat campaign and also sharing this noble cause with you all, now It’s your turn. No matter if you are a boy, a girl, married, single, old or young – Share this noble campaign with all and make this noble cause successful.


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