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Life before and after marriage for Boys in India

There are two types of Marriages in this world. One is normal Marriage and one is Marriage in India. In normal marriage, people fall in love and then marry their soul mate but, in India people do marry first and only a few of them fall in love with their partner. There is no doubt in the fact that life do change after marriage, be it in India or outside India. Life takes a complete 360 turn after marriage and we all know that. Well, the biggest prejudice is people usually think, that it is only the girl whose life changes and only a girl has to sacrifice and adjust to her married life. But, even the boys have to face many difficulties. I am sure, every boy reading this, would Now, the million dollar question is – how is life before and after marriage for boys in India from a Boy’s Perspective.

With marriage comes great responsibility

So when he was a bachelor he used to throw his towel on bed and socks on another side of the globe but, after marriage he has to put the towel on the table and socks near shoes. Before marriage there was no fixed time for coming and going out of the home but, after marriage if he is late by a minute, he will get an alert by his wife that he is late and he has to give a good reason for that.  He should regularly call her family and should become responsible for each and every thing.

Cricket Match changes to Daily Soaps

India vs Pakistan match, a bowl of popcorn and a group of friend is what life is according to boys before marriage. But, after marriage it is all about watching daily soaps with your wife with a constant eye on the watch to know when the show will end.

Source: thatscoop.com
Source: thatscoop.com

No more shorts

This one might hurt many boys a lot. Loss of freedom is one thing and loss of the right to wear shorts in your own house is one different thing. After marriage, a boy is not supposed to wear shorts in his own house because it doesn’t seem ethical and he should act like adults.

No more boy’s night out

Before marriage, a night out in a week used to be a compulsory thing.  Booze used to be a common practice and a movie marathon was a must. But, after marriage, boys can’t even think about night outs. They have to answer various emotional atyaachar, like are you going to leave me alone for whole night? How will I live without you? Can you stay away from me for so long, baby?? And yes many serious questions from his own parents, why are you going out for a night out? Have u guys had a fight? and what is the need for it, you are a married man etc. etc.

Royal Enfield is now changed to Passion

Royal Enfield or some sports bike used to be the vehicle in boy’s life. There was no worry about petrol or mileage and all that matters was looks and trend. However, things don’t remain the same and the now all that matters is that your vehicle should give enough mileage so that you can save money for the grocery.

The journey from hard drinks to soft drink

You can drink beer or alcohol after marriage because if anything goes wrong in anyone’s life, you and your habit of drinking will be blamed for this. You can’t get high because you have to take care of the kids and the family which are alone enough to make you high. The only drinks which matter after a marriage are juice and shakes.

Weekends are not for fun now

There was a time when you were free and you used to wait for weekends so that you can spend time with your friends. Weekends were your favourite days. But, after marriage you just wish that weekends never come. The reason behind this is that on weekends you have to take your kids, wife on an outing, you have to do the works assigned by your wife. The only difference between weekends and weekdays is that on weekdays your boss assigns you the work and on weekends your wife assigns you the task.

Gone are the days of Exotic Foods

When you are not married you eat whatever you wish to eat. You can eat pizza, burger, chips and whatever you can imagine you can eat. But, but, but when you are married, you eat only those things which your wife decides. You no longer have the right to freedom of eating as now you will eat whatever your wife will cook. And the best part is that you can’t deny it.

From Cool dude of the college to uncle of neighbours kids 

Rugged jeans, shiny hairs and a great physique used to define your personality before marriage. You used to carry the latest phone and costliest watch in your hand. Going to a movie on every weekend was like a religious trend. But, now you wear formal shirt and trousers and are gaining weight on a daily basis. Now, you use a phone only for calling so no more need of a latest phone and you don’t buy the costliest watch because that money is already spent of your wife’s jewellery.

No more stalking of girls on Facebook

The biggest difference in life before and after marriage for boys in India is that after marriage he is now bounded to one girl and he can’t stalk other girls. Now, he can’t ask his friends to “hook up” him to a girl. In most simple terms, he is now one woman man.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that life takes a lot of turns after marriage and it is very much difficult to realize and accept this fact. On the brighter side, now you have a person who loves you, who cares for you and who will get worried if you don’t reach home on time. The convulsion is that life is difficult after marriage but, it is not as much difficult as you must be thinking.

P.S- This is a fun post, not meant for serious heart and brainy people 😉

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