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Namyaa Wonder Oil is Actually a Wonder Oil

Hi Girlies!! What does a girl want? A magical oil that can do wonders on her skin!! YES!! I got my hands on such an oil. Namyaa has come up with this wonder oil that works tones, sculpts, works on scars, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, stretch marks, dry, damaged and aged skin too. WOW! SO its been a month I am using this wonder oil and here I am with the detailed review.

Packaging of Namyaa Body Toning and Sculpting Wonder Oil

I just loved the packaging of Namyaa wonder oil. The wonder oil comes in a transparent cuboid plastic bottle with golden cap inside a white carton box. The yellow oil is so clear and looks amazingly beautiful in the transparent bottle that is very appealing to eyes.

Namyaa Body Toning and Sculpting Wonder Oil

There is a pleasant smell in the oil. I for no specific reason, didn’t like the smell. But the best part is, the smell fades away in a few seconds. The cost of Namyaa Body Toning and Sculpting Wonder Oil is 800 INR for 200ml, but you can easily get it at discounted rates online.

My experience with Namyaa Body Toning and Sculpting Wonder Oil

My friend suggested this oil and I am all gushing about it from the very first day of using this WONDER OIL. I started using it on my legs n arms…. And the very nxt day I found my legs n arms so soft. Winter dryness was left behind.. and the softness stayed with me even after the bath. Next night, I used it on my stomach ( I have some dark stretch marks ). And after seeing the positive results for a week. Now I am a regular user of Namyaa Wonder Oil on my face, neck, stomach, legs and arms.
Its been a month, my scars have become way too light which were so dark earlier. My facial skin is pigmentation free, feels young and more fresh now.
Although, I havnt experienced any side effect, but still try using it on your arm or leg for a day, before using it on your face.

P.S- DO I need to confirm by saying this??  OK!!! YES, I am in love with this amazingly wonderful wonder oil that works on all problems and makes me look more radiant everyday by every means.

What I liked about Namyaa Body Toning and Sculpting Wonder Oil?

  • Affordability
  • Does all it claims to
  • Wonder oil
  • Results wont fade away
  • Suits everyone
  • 200ml bottle goes on for more than a month ( I am using it on legs, arms, face n neck everyday)
  • Highly trustable brand

What I did not like about the product?

  • Didn’t like the fragrance

I would like to rate it 4.5 / 5.

Will I buy Namyaa Body Toning and Sculpting Wonder Oil again?


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