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Oriflame Possess Perfume Review (Men & Women)

Oriflame Possess perfume is a great perfume from Oriflame that comes for both men and women. The bottles of possess are so attractive that they are going to grab your attention and mesmerize you. I have already used Oriflame perfumes and without any doubt I can get my hands on any of Oriflame perfumes, they are to die for. I ordered both, one for my hubby and the other one for me. Let’s move ahead and see, what Possess actually possess……

Oriflame Possess Perfume Packaging

Let’s start the review with the packaging. The Oriflame possess comes in a glass bottle with very attractive golden spray cap. On men version there is a very attractive pattern and on the women version there is a very beautiful chain carved. The perfume bottles are just heart melting and very very attractive. The designs are just a piece of art, especially the oriflame possess for women with that chain carved on the neckline of the bottle.

Oriflame Possess Perfume for men and women– Personal Experience

Experience with Possess Perfume for men

My hubby is a crazy about perfumes, he just loves to smell good and try new perfumes. As soon as he opened the gift, his eyes shined. All the credit goes to the amazing bottle design. He couldn’t wait to try it out. And, without any doubt he was smelling so good, inviting….. :LOL.

The Oriflame possess perfume has a charismatic fragrance of achievement defined by the clash of bitingly fresh unripe Grapefruit and Laurel Oil with the addictiveness of intoxicating Orris, like the feeling of a frozen touch on warm skin. For a man with Spartacus’ spirit, whose destiny is to possess the world!

Experience with Possess Perfume for women

I grabbed the Possess perfume bottle and tried it on my Date night. I wanted to see my hubby reaction…. It’s so much fun to try a new fragrance and just wait to see whats the reaction of your man… trust me, if the fragrance is good, it is going to make your day or should I say your night  :blush :blush. No more insights of the date night …. :wink

I loved the fragrance, its quite seductive, sweet and mild just the way I like. I am not a fan of strong fragrances!! The fragrance of possess settled down and changes the whole atmosphere to something really calm, soothing and seductive. So girls, if you are going out with your man, do try this before leaving. I am sure your man is going to go crazy for you!

Oriflame Possess Perfume staying power

Oriflame perfumes have great staying power, so does Possess. It stays with you for a good 7-8 hours. Which is definitely very good staying power.

Price of Oriflame Possess Perfume

Orfilame Possess Perfume for men – 75 ml – 3299/-
Oriflame Possess Perfume for women – 50 ml – 2999/-

Keep your nearest Oriflame dealer in contact to grab the offers which keep coming and going. You might end up getting the perfume at a great discount.

What I like about Oriflame Possess Perfume

  1. The cute bottles
  2. Both the perfumes have great fragrance. I just loved them both
  3. Staying power
  4. Keep an eye to grab great discounts, thus the pricing is great!

What I didn’t like about Oriflame Possess Perfume

  1. Nothing as such

My rating 5 out of 5

Will I buy Oriflame Possess Perfume again?

Yes. Without any doubts. I am in love with the fragrances of this great Perfume from Oriflame. Would also try my hands on other fragrances from Oriflame. Keep an eye to check more Reviews.

Have you tried Oriflame Possess Perfume? Do share your take on it

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