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Oshea Mesmeric Mascara is the new product from Oshea Herbals Range. Not just it comes in amazingly beautiful packaging but is worth trying too. The fact that the Oshea Mesmeric Mascara is made using bees wax, appealed me the most.
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Oshea Mesmeric Mascara Price- Rs 395/- for 6ml

What Oshea Mesmeric Mascara Claims?

As the company says, “The Oshea Colors Long Lash Mascara emphasizes on enthralling eyes with its benefits having a better brush for finer details. Just one stroke of this mascara makes your eyes party-ready and is perfectly suitable for daily use. Its deep black color is very lightweight making it greatly appropriate by everyone.

It has been curated with Approved Colors, Water and Bees Wax being some of the ingredients. This mascara guarantees a beautiful finish and glitz to the lashes.”

Oshea Mesmeric Mascara Packaging

Oshea Mesmeric Mascara comes in an amazing transparent bottle and rose gold cap. The mascara is jet black and very light weight. The brush is perfect and you get the desired results in just one stroke.

My Experience with Oshea Mesmeric Mascara

Oshea Herbals Mesmeric Mascara is an amazing product and that’s my personal experience. I have used mainstream branded mascara’s but what I loved about this one is its light weight.

With just one stroke, I felt my lashes longer and I didn’t felt the need to apply the mascara again. I so wish Oshea Mesmeric Mascara comes in different shades too. I recently tried a Blue Mascara and loved it so much.  

What I like about Oshea Mesmeric Mascara

  • One stroke is enough.
  • The jet black colour is a big Plus
  • The mascara is very light weight
  • The brush is easy to use

What I didn’t like about Oshea Mesmeric Mascara

  • I wish it comes in different colours
  • A little expensive

My ratings for Oshea Mesmeric Mascara is 4.5 out of 5

Would I recommend using Oshea Mesmeric Mascara

YES! It worth a try. I loved it and I am sure after trying you girls also gonna love it.

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