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I don’t believe in going to parlour everytime for facials now. The day I tried my first home facial kit, I was awestruck. Not just it is pocket friendly but gives good results too. So once in a few months I go to parlour, and other than that the home facial kit rocks. This time I had my hands on Astaberry Diamond Facial Kit.
Let’s read the complete Astaberry Diamond Facial Kit Review

Astaberry Diamond Facial Kit Price- Rs 250

What Astaberry Diamond Facial Kit claims?

As the company says, “ Astaberry Diamond Facial Kit contains the most superior active ingredients like Heera Bhasm, Jojoba Oil, Bearberry Extracts and Carrot Oil. The amalgamated blend of all these ingredients gives everlasting luminosity and vivacity to the skin. This facial really helps in reducing blemishes, fine lines and dark spots from the skin while chiseling the natural features like that of a diamond. This also enhances and enriches the skin while making it youthful and younger.

Astaberry Diamond Facial Kit

Astaberry Diamond Facial Kit Packaging

Astaberry Diamond Facial Kit comes in a Black carton which contains tubes. There are 4 tubes – diamond scrub, diamond gel + serum, diamond creme and a diamond pack. The kit comes with a gift – Astaberry fruit wash ( I love free gifts )

Experience with Astaberry Diamond Facial Kit

Although the instructions are given with the Facial Kit, but still I will help you guys. First clean the face and start with Face Scrub. Scrub the wet face with Diamond scrub for 3-4 minutes with the finger tips. Dnt forget to scrub the stubborn parts of your face a little more like nose and chin. Rinse and apply the diamond gel + serum. Apply it and wait for a minute before massaging it. After that, go on to the third step, Diamond crème. Massage with crème, and if needed, wet your hands and massage more. Massage till the face absorbs all the crème and rinse off. Now apply the face pack and let it dry.
Moisturize your face if needed. And voila! You are done.

What I liked about Astaberry Diamond Facial Kit

  • Suits all skin types
  • Skin feels softer, cleaner and glowy
  • Easy on pocket
  • Loved the results
  • Instant results
  • Results stay for a few days

What I didn’t like about Astaberry Diamond Facial Kit

  • Nothing at all

Would I recommend using Astaberry Diamond Facial Kit

Easy on pocket and one can use it as per the convenience of home. Gives amazing results which stay long. Loved it

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