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Onions are becoming really famous for hair and so are the Onion Oils. We are here with Positive Root Therapy Onion Oil that is capturing hearts of many people who were facing hair issues and so we decided to review it for you all.  Guys and Girls, no matter what your hair problem is, what your age is and where you are from, onions are going to help you for all your hair problems. BUT BUT BUT, we all know, how much onion smell can make you stink. So onion oils are best, because they won’t let you feel the bad smell of onions at all and at the same time will give you all the goodness of onions.

Let’s read the complete review – 

Positive Root Therapy Onion Oil Price- Rs 999/- for 200ml ( you can easily get 50% off online)

Positive Root Therapy Onion Oil Packaging

Positive Root Therapy Onion Oil comes in a cylindrical pump bottle inside a carton box. Both the bottle and carton has got all the details needed. I love the pump hair bottles, as they make it so easy to apply oil on hair directly from the bottle.
The oil is red in colour and has got strong fragrance to deal with onion smell. The fragrance works amazingly to diminish the onion smell. But for me the strong fragrance is not very pleasant, although others in the family loved the fragrance. So, it completely depends on your smell buds, if you would like the fragrance or not.

My Experience with Positive Root Therapy Onion Oil

I came to know about Positive Root Therapy Onion Oil from a friend, who was going gaga about it. I thought of using it for 2-3 months before reviewing it, because it definitely takes time to judge what oil is doing on your hair. I applied the oil for 2 months and then left using it, to see if the results are permanent or only till we keep using the product. The results were SHOCKING.
I made sure I apply oil 1-2 hours before I washed my hair with my regular shampoo. Instantly, after my first use I saw less hair fall and my hair were soft and frizz free. I didn’t use conditioner and my regular shampoo was enough to get oil out of my hair. For using it for about 2 months, I noticed my hair quality improved, my scalp was cleaner, dandruff free and there wasn’t any itching at all.
I stopped using the oil to see if results sustain. The results actually did stayed. It’s been 3 weeks I haven’t used the oil. My hair fall hasn’t come back and my hair are soft and silky too. Although they were much softer n silkier when I used the oil, but definitely oiling does bring the difference. But the results stayed even if I stop using the oil is such a positive thing for me. SO a positive big yes for Positive Root Therapy onion Oil.

What I like about Positive Root Therapy onion Oil

  • Results stay even if you stop using the oil, or miss using it
  • No onion smell
  • Easy to use
  • Works on all hair issues

What I didn’t like about Positive Root Therapy onion Oil

  • I personally didn’t like the fragrance
  • A little expensive ( in case you don’t get discount)

My ratings for Positive Root Therapy onion Oil is 4.5 out of 5

Would I recommend using Positive Root Therapy onion Oil

YES! If you are dealing with hair problems, you must use the Positive Root Therapy Onion Oil.

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