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Hello Readers!! I am back again with another Review, Good Home Divine Room Freshener. Good Home is a known brand for fragrance and their fragrances are really impressive. This one comes with a tag “Embrace the Bhakti”. So Lets see, if the fragrance actually makes you embrace bhakti or not.

What does the brand claims?

As the brand says, “DIVINE has been instituted to bring us closer the cultural heritage and roots of our belongings. Bhakti and Purity have always been part of our Indian culture same has been an inspiration in developing this room freshener.
Packaging primarily consists of colours inspired by Kumkuma & Manjal ( Sindoor & Haldi) holy colours to start something auspicious. The detailing of the packaging has been opportune with the presence of Rangoli and Kalash. The Rangoli or the Kolam to bring good fortunes in our home while the Kalash is the representation of divinity in every puja across households. The fragrance is inspired by the key ingredients of Puja at every household from which includes soft notes of Sacred woods, citrus mist, a tinge of rose and other chosen flower spices that will transcend every household to heavenly adobe.”

Good Home Divine Room Freshener Review

Packaging of Good Home Divine Room Freshener

Good Home Divine Room Freshener comes in a very attractive bright red and yellow spray can. The best part about the packaging is its spray nozzle which faces ceiling. Now the room freshener directly gets sprayed upwards. You don’t need to raise the can or anything. I liked this change a lot.
The cost of Good Home Divine Room Freshener is 149/- for 160 gms

My experience with Good Home Divine Room Freshener

After reading “Embrace the Bhakti”, I thought of trying it at some religious event which recently happened at my place. We had Mata ka Kirtan at our place last week, and that was the apt occasion to test this room freshener.
I sprayed it everywhere and waited for the comments of all the guests coming home. Initially I didn’t like the fragrance and felt I did a blunder mistake, but within few seconds, when the fragrance started setlling down, it felt amazing. Soon my mom in law’s friends started coming and they all wanted to know, which new flowers have we brought in for the event. :lol
I was so happy that they all felt good. Now, I can surely say that yes, this freshener does help us to embrace the bhakti.

What I liked about Good Home Divine Room Freshener?

  • Affordability
  • Amazing fragrance
  • It has something mystical
  • Stays long enough
  • You would feel calm
  • The spray nozzle is on top and not front

What I did not like about the product?

  • Trying to find, but not able to

I would like to rate it 4.5 / 5.

Will I buy Good Home Divine Room Freshener again?

Yes, but before that I would like to try other variants of Good Home room fresheners too.

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