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Vanesa Pour Home French Flora and Lime Life Room Freshener Review

Hi guys, here I am with 2 super amazing Room Fresheners from Vanesa – Fresh Flora and Lime Life. With so much humidity around we all need room freshener that make us feel a little more energetic and fresh. Vanesa is known for its amazing fragrances, be it deo or perfumes and it would be really exciting to check their room freshener. So I tried my hands on these both variants.

So, let’s start the Vanesa Pour Home Room Freshener Review – French Flora and Lime Life-

Vanesa Pour Home French Fusion Room Freshener Packaging & Staying Power

Vanesa Pour Home French Flora and Lime Life both Room Fresheners comes in a regular Cylindrical can with cap. The white color tin of French Fusion has beautiful Red flower and the Lime Life has got lemon on it which makes it look so soothing and calm. The packaging of the room freshener is very appealing because of its white color tin can.

The room stays fresh and smells amazing for quite long.

Price – 125/- for 225ml for both variants


Experience with Vanesa Pour Home French Fusion Room Freshener

Vanesa Pour Home Room Freshener comes in many variants, however I have reviewed 2 variants – French Flora and Lime Life.

I loved both the variants, both of them have their own individualities. I loved French Flora, because its light fragrance soothes you, however, if you want to fight with some bad smell then its Lime Life for you. Lime life has a little stronger fragrance and it can easily kill out any bad smell.

I am not very fond of lemons, so I am definitely going to choose French Fusion. Its soothing aromatic light fragrance just gives you that right mood you are looking for. You feel so calm and peaceful.

On the other hand, my hubby loved the Lime Life. He likes strong smells, and he found it more energetic and on the go. SO, it totally depends on your mood and personality to choose the variant. BUT, definitely these both variants are amazingly good as room fresheners. The fragrance does stay and freshens up your rooms. You don’t need to whiff again and again to keep the fragrance going. Which is the best part.

What I Liked about Vanesa French Fusion Room Freshener

  • Both variants are completely opposites
  • Very Affordable
  • Keeps bad odor and bacteria away
  • Very easily available online

What I Didn’t liked about Vanesa French Fusion Room Freshener

  • Nothing at all

My rating for Vanesa Pour Home French Fusion Room Freshener is 4 out of 5

Will I buy Vanesa Pour Home French Flora or Lime Life Room Freshener ­­­again?

Yes, Ofcourse! I would even love to try the other variants from Vanesa. Vanesa definitely makes some great fragrances and they are very lovable. I am sure you guys would love these amazing room fresheners too.

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