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Have you ever thought about the Health Benefits of Love? Love is the talk of the town from ages and to find a person who has never been in Love is nearly impossible. Everyone’s experience Love and Love do affect your body and mind’s health. After reading this article you will realize how healthy Love is for you. We all experience these surprising health benefits of love, but don’t give them much importance because all our attention is in Love and out Lover. So let’s read the 10 surprising health benefits of love on your mind, body and soul. Feel free to add your comments and suggestions below the post.

Surprising Health Benefits of Love

Reduces Stress

Surprising Health Benefits of Love 1

When you are deeply and madly in Love there is no space for stress. You always have someone you can trust and discuss your problems and worries. When in an intimate relationship your adrenaline gland produces DHEA hormones (Dehydroepiandrosterone) which is a stress buster hormone. Love relieves tension, stress, worries, keeps negative energy away. An understanding and loving partner is all you need.

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