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One day you wake up and find that there is something on your eye irritating you? That small bump on the edge of eye or over eyelid is called Eye Stye. Eye Stye is like a pimple that grows on the edge of the eye or eyelid. The pimple on the eye is very irritating as eye skin is soft and anything in or around can make you really uncomfortable. It becomes all the more important to treat Eyelid pimple/bump, because your eye is very sensitive part and Eye stye can cause vision disturbance if not taken proper care.

Eye stye is a bacterial infection often affecting the edge of the eyelid or eye. A red bump filled with water, pus and swelling visible making the stye more irritating. The infection is contagious and can happen to anyone without any significant reason.

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Eye Stye (Pimple/Bump) Symptoms

  • Swelling on the eyelid
  • Pain
  • Discomfort in blinking the eye
  • Burning sensation
  • Pimple or Bump on eyelid or edge of eye
  • Itching or scratchy sensation
  • Watery eye
  • Discomfort in opening/closing eye properly

These symptoms are in general, it may differ from person to person. Some people might experience more symptoms than mentioned in the list. Visit a doctor as soon as early symptoms appear.

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Eye Stye (Pimple/Bump) Prevention

Styes may be the reason of improper hygiene. Make sure not to come in contact with a person who has a stye. Sharing towels and hankey should be avoided. Styes can also be triggered by rubbing eye, improper sleep, lack of proper nutrition and lack of hygiene.

Eye Stye (Pimple/Bump) Treatment

(Medical and Home Remedies)

Eye styes normally takes 7-10 days of time, but consulting a doctor is a good idea. Sometimes, the infection increase making the stye more painful for the person. Maintain hygiene is very important, always wash hands and avoid rubbing or touching the infected eye.

Medical treatment consists of some antibiotic dose, eye drops and antibacterial ointment. It takes 3-4 days to treat Eye Stye with the help of a doctor.

Home Treatment of Eye Stye is easy. You just need to take care of proper hygiene of your eye. Dip cotton in warm water to clean the eye with infection. Doing this will reduce pain and swelling. Keep cleaning your eye with warm water and cotton, to keep infection under control. Even if the pus starts secreting, keep cleaning your eye. Don’t use the same cotton again.

Hot compresses can help reduce pain, swelling and also makes it easier for pus to come out easy and soon.

Compress the pimple with warm guava leaves.

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Do not pop a stye in any case. Popping a stye can lead to more serious infection. If the problem of Stye keeps appearing again and again, do not take it lightly, consult a doctor immediately.

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