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Envy Luv deo

Hey friends, today I have brought something really different and amazing between us. I am going to introduce one of my all-time favorite fragrance in form of Envy Luv deo. I generally do not experiment with my cosmetics, but the lovely fragrance of this particular product was something more than compelling. I have finally switched on to Envy Luv deo as my permanent Deo. Hopefully, you all will have the same love for it after reading my review.

Envy Luv Deo Packaging

The Envy Luv deo packaging is a cute one with duo white- pink color combo. The product has the brand name on the lower portion. Basically, the packing is a typical Deodorant style with a normal aluminum bottle and a plastic white colored cap.

The price of the product is INR 189

My personal experience with Envy Luv Deo

The Envy Luv deo has notes of Lily, Sandalwood, pineapple, peach and Jasmine. The long lasting fragrance is definitely strong enough to hide the perspiration smell and any kind of unwanted body odor.


If you carefully analyze the Deodorant quality, you will definitely appreciate it in terms of quality and price. It encapsulates your personality and fills up your senses with love. Since it’s a variant for inducing Romance, the Deodorant perfectly matches with the theme for which it has been formulated.

It is easily available in modern outlets, offline retail stores and leading E-Commerce websites. The premium fragrance of French perfume embedded with natural herbs definitely leaves you mesmerized. I personally appreciate the idea of clubbing so many notes together to create such a unique French fragrance. Envy Luv deo is not an ordinary romantic fragrant variety available in the market. It is one of the best products that would subtly meet your requirements by encountering the body sweat in a natural way. The main role play of Envy Luv deo is to give you clean, fresh and happy underarms all the time.

Perfumed with natural ingredients, the bacteria causing Oder can never be better managed with Envy Luv deo. The little amount of aluminum present in the product helps to regulate the Sweat glands and keeps the wetness and bacteria away. Also, it keeps the skin healthy and gives number of beautification advantages.

Not to mention, a positive fragrance can induce a happy mode altogether. Envy Luv deo does not clogs your body pores. Since it’s a brand which takes care of women health, you can always use the Envy skin care product without any doubtfulness in mind.

Any precautions to be taken while using Envy Luv deo?

Yeah I could find that the product is not suitable for children less than 3 years of age. Also, you need to keep it at least 15 centimeters away when you spray on Your Body. Exceptionally if you have a sensitive skin tone, you might have a slight tingling effect. Wash that particular area with some soap and water and consult a Dermatologist is inflammation process. Do not swallow it or keep it near fire as it may induce fire.

What I liked about the product

  • Romantic fragrance
  • Affordability
  • clean hygienic packing
  • Easy usability
  • Skin friendly ingredients
  • compact Pack
  • long lasting fragrance

What I Did not like about the product

Well, let me be honest with you, the product has everything amiable about it. I could not spot out anything to dislike.

Will I buy Envy Luv deo again?

Without any fail, I would order this product once again before the previous one gets finished. Also, I would recommend it to everyone who is reading my review.

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