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Nyassa Divine Lotus Body Lotion

Hello friends, hope you all are hale and hearty and would enjoy my review like always! I have come up with hydrating and moisturizing product that would definitely make you look more beautiful than before. The Nyassa Divine Lotus Body Lotion has been formulated with handpicked natural ingredients like wheat germ Oil, almond oil, glycerin, shea butter, and Lotus extract. Each ingredient penetrates deep into the skin layer and moisturizes the skin cells without letting you face chappiness, dryness or aging effect.

The Touch of Mother Nature can never disappoint you – hence, if you are looking forward to buy something for dry, oily or combination skin, give it a try to Nyassa Divine Lotus Light Body Lotion to encounter the ever changing lifestyle and environmental impact on your face. The Nyassa Divine Lotus Light Body Lotion light body lotion has its own class and method of workability. It is rich in nutrients and induces natural blood circulation when applied on a flaky skin.

Nyassa Divine Lotus Body Lotion Packaging

The pump bottle makes the lotion look elegant and out of the box. The slim and tall bottle has product heading and substantial description on its face. You can either extract the lotion by thumping the pump or rotate it open for grabbing a little more quantity of the cream.

The best part of the packaging is the pump bottle comes with a lock which confirms that you are getting the intact quality of Nyassa.

Price of Nyassa Divine Lotus Body Lotion is 425/- for 145 ml

My experience with Nyassa Divine Lotus Body Lotion

The mesmerizing floral fragrance complemented my bathing products. The perpetual fragrance replaces the requirement of using any separate deodorant and perfume to smell good. The rich lotion gives so much of elasticity and suppleness along with diminishing the aging effect. It is basically a blend of therapeutic treatment and moisturizing cream.

Since I have a dry skin tone, I generally need to apply moisturizers multiple times in a day to avoid crookedness. However, Nyassa Divine Lotus Light Body Lotion has extraordinary formula that just requires single application to keep your skin moisturized throughout the day. The Pure herbs give remarkable quality to the product. Also, one can get the individual information of every ingredient so that there is a Peace of Mind of not using a chemical based Cosmetic.

The presence of wheat germ Oil, Lotus extract and shea butter help me to tone my skin and reduce the ageing effect. The protein and Vitamin E extract further help in removing the skin flaws and promote regeneration of new cells. The wonderful smooth and glowing skin does not require any parlor once you have Nyassa Divine Lotus Light Body Lotion in your makeup shelf.

How to use Nyassa Divine Lotus Body Lotion?

  • Pump the bottle and Grab a little amount of Nyassa Divine Lotus Light Body Lotion in your hand –
  • Apply the product right away on your face by making lots over under eye, cheeks, nose and forehead
  • Do not massage for more than 2 minutes
  • Let it absorb

What I liked about the product

  • Nice fragrance
  • affordability
  • beautiful packaging
  • pump based extraction
  • natural ingredients
  • skin friendliness
  • long shelf life of 18 months

What I did not like about Nyassa Divine Lotus Body Lotion

Well, this is a difficult question as I could not find anything to write under this subhead. The product was so good that it deserves all positive ratings and reviews.

My rating for Nyassa Divine Lotus Body Lotion is 4.5 out of 5

Will I buy Nyassa Divine Lotus Body Lotion again?

Yes, I would certainly would love to buy Nyassa divine body lotion again without thinking twice.

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