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Warning Signs of a Suicidal Person – Suicide Prevention

Recently, cases of suicide are rising at an alarming rate. The chaotic lifestyle, stress and the losing warmth of relationships is the main reason people are becoming more suicidal day by day. As a responsible friend, relative you must keep a check on some warning signs of a suicidal person, so you can save your loved ones.

No doubt, death is the ultimate truth of life. No matter who you are, what you earn or what your profession is, death is inevitable. It will come to all of us. May be today, may be tomorrow or may be after ten years. However, it doesn’t mean we should end our life on own. We are living in a world of technology where we have reached the moon but, committing suicide is still a major concern.

Warning signs of a suicidal person
Warning signs of a suicidal person

Suicide is frustration and weakness of one moment, that one moment when one thinks that they can not handle the pressure of life anymore. That one weak moment when they loose all the strength to get up and fight back. That one weak moment when they dont find a shoulder to cry on or a hand that they could hold and feel they are not alone.  . If facts are to be believed, only in America over 30,000 people die due to suicide. The number of suicide attempting is even higher in women, Women attempt suicide three times more than men. While different people have different reasons to suicide, it is still sad that we lose a precious life for that one weak moment.

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It is not difficult to spot a suicidal person and help them. If you are looking for an answer to How to Spot a Suicidal Person or Warning signs of a suicidal person and How to help them, you are reading the right post. Every Suicidal person gives warning signs or hints about their intentions. While these warning signs of a suicidal person may be direct or indirect, one need to careful study these signs and you may help a desperate soul that is fighting inside all alone.

Warning Signs of a Suicidal Person

Talking about Suicide

This is one of the most common and easily visible warning signs of a Suicidal Person. You will realise that the person has started talking about suicide a lot. Talks like “I wish I hadn’t been born”, “Life isn’t worth living”,” You’ll be sorry when I’m gone” etc. indicates that a person is having second thoughts.

Looking for means to Suicide

There are many ways of suicide and chances are high that if a person is planning to suicide, he/she will need something. If a person is seeking access to dangerous things like guns, pills, ropes or sharp knives, then be cautious as it is possible that the person can try a suicide attempt.


While depression is a sign of many diseases, it is also one of the major warning signs of a suicidal person. When a person remains depressed, tries to withdraw from a social gathering, family and friends, it can be concluded that something is not right. If your friend is trying hard to be left isolated, you should consider it as a strong warning of a possible suicide attempt.

Getting things done

There are many things which a person wishes to complete before dying. But, since we do not know the exact date of death, these wishes remain unfulfilled. However, when a person has decided his date of death, he starts fulfilling these wishes. He/She will try to make out the will, will make all necessary arrangement for the family etc. He/She will also try to give away all the materialistic possession.

Saying Goodbye

It is also a common warning sign of a suicidal person. He will try to call or contact all his loved ones for the last time to say a final goodbye. If you have just received a call from your friend where he just said good bye and to take care or if he sorry even for the thing he didn’t do, you should immediately understand that something fishy is going on.

How to help a Suicidal Person

Yes, you read that right. There are many simple ways in which you can help a suicidal person, once you have tracked the warning signs of a suicidal person

Source- washingtonpost.com
Source- washingtonpost.com

Talk to them and Listen Them Patiently

Giving a lecture about life and talking about life are two important things. Instead of yelling at them for their yet to happen action, you should try to talk calmly with them. Let them know that you care for them. Do not give them lecture about the importance of life or what their family will do after that. Just talk to them, try to know why they are doing it and give them a solution for their problem. And, most importantly, don’t just talk, listen to them.

Keep them engaged

Another good way of helping a suicidal person is by keeping them engaged. Stay with them, play with them, spend as much time with them as you can and most importantly don’t leave them alone for a long time. Give them a cheerful book to read, a comedy movie to watch and keep a track of their activity. Call them on a frequent basis to know what they are doing and what are their plan for the rest of the day.

Give them a new hobby

Advise them to join a gym, a singing class or a dancing class so that their mind would be diverted for a good reason. Curiosity to learn more and passion to excel in that hobby will surely make them feel good.

Never let them be alone

Make sure never to leave a suicidal person stay alone. Once they are alone, they might try to commit suicide. Always make sure they are with someone.

Yoga & Meditation 

Yoga & Meditation helps calm down all the stress and gives you the sense of relaxation. Meditation works best.

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Talk to other family members

It is always important to let others know about the suicidal person, so everybody can come forward with their helping hand. It is important that the person who is suicidal must stay happy. Nothing around him should hurt him or make him tense. And for that you need all the near and dear ones to know about the suicidal tendency of the person.

Consult a Professional

If none of the above method works, then you must take help from a professional. There are many professionals who have their own ways to help a suicidal person. You can ask or suggest a professional stating that it is a normal thing and can easily be solved.

Losing a near one is not easy, but knowing that you could have helped but you couldn’t make this loss more tougher to accept. So, lets join our hands and help all those who are in need of our help and Let’s save a few lives.

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