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Stretching- Sure Shot way to Better Health

The overall methods of staying fit have been revolutionized by the current generation. Stretching is important activity that can add a wide range of motion, flexibility and healthiness to your body. Making stretching exercises as a part of a daily workout can regulate the body functioning and provide a better nutrient flow to your muscles and cartilage.

Ever since we have been studying in pre Primary School, stretching exercises have been taught to us. But only few of us are aware about those benefits provided through it. Let us know about top 10 benefits of stretching exercises

  • Enhancement of flexibility -the most obvious reason of stretching at regular intervals is to induce your overall flexibility. An effective flexibility exercises can provide more flexibility to your joints and help you to manage the daily chores better.
  • Posture fortification – yet another benefit of stretching exercises is rectification of postures. Stretching shoulders lower back and chest ensures a proper find alignment of body. It automatically cures pain and also prohibits hunchback and slouch.
  • Positive appeal-stress busting is the primary Reason why stretching is important for us. Lack of mobility and longer hours of sedentary work can heat your body and imposed a lot of stress on your muscles. Stretching in the middle of your work can lose those tight muscles and make blood flow easier. Also, it releases endorphins that directly have an impact upon comfortable sleeping.
  • Better energy level -waking up in the morning after a tiring day is a most difficult task ever. So if you ever face that problem, just do some stretching and you will feel better immediately. Even if you have been feeling tired and dizzy at any point of day, initiating few stretches can help revitalized energy level to embrace you right away.
  • Better athletic performance -your muscles gradually start contracting when you remain in the same position for a long time period. Human body becomes fortified with regular stretching.
  • No soarness-have you been facing those long lasting pain after workout? Stretching can increase the blood flow and provide nutrient your issues for curing post workout soarness.
Source: http://watchfit.com
  • Better vision -just a few minutes of exercising and you have nothing to do with lethargy and sluggishness. Even in the middle of the noon when everybody feels dizzy, you will feel energetic to hang out everywhere in the market.
  • Encounters random tripping -the stability and body balance becomes better when you stretch just 30 minutes before you move. The better coordination of muscles disallows falling and tripping.
  • No body pain –when initiated along with regular exercises, stretching cures the creaky joints. The wide range of motion exercises work effectively upon knees, wrist and Shoulders.
  • Detoxification -with just 5 – 10 minutes of stretching exercises, you can help your body to release toxins in form of sweat.

What to Avoid while Stretching?

Stretching cold muscles can end up injuring your body. Instead of going for stressful stretching exercises to cure pain, the best would be to allow internal healing by keeping the muscles relaxed.

What are the Cumulative effects of Stretching Exercises?

Stretching for one day would have no magic on your body. In order to get the above mentioned benefits, you have to do it for months on regular basis. Simply sit on the floor and lay stress upon your thighs. Stretch your hands by holding your foot toe. Move towards front and then regain the same position.

You don’t have to stretch your muscles all the time. Just doing it in the beginning of the day and once before you sleep is enough to avoid visits to physical therapists. Try to find out about tailor-made stretching programs for curing chronic health conditions like Arthritis and parkisons disease.

Why Stretching is Important?

Without stretching, your muscles become tight and inflexible. It exerts a lot of strain on your joints and eventually it causes a lot of pain and diseases. Continuous how hours of sitting on chair give Tight hamstrings. Tight body muscles result in internal injuries and long lasting body pain. Which just few stretching exercises, you can stay healthy for eternity.

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