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Why you should turn vegetarian, right now?

Yes, you read that right. We are going to answer one of the biggest and most important question of your life, why you should turn vegetarian. There are two kinds of people, vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The one who eats plants are called vegetarians and other who eats animals are called non-vegetarians. Well, no one can force a person on his choice of food. The human being is an independent creature who has the right to choose whatever he wants to eat. No one can steal his rights. Well, same goes for the animals. They also have few rights and the biggest right is the right to live. In this post, we will give strong reasons on why you should turn vegetarian.

Source: www.worldmostamazingthings.com
Source: www.worldmostamazingthings.com
  • Because it’s cruel

Have you ever wondered about the process of meat making or how your non-veg food is prepared? Almost all the animals who turns into your food are kept in overcrowded stalls, cages or sheds where they can’t even take a single step. Most of the animals don’t even face a single ray of sunlight in their whole life. All these cruelty just because you want a loaf of meat in your burger or patties.

Non-vegetarian diet consists of pigs, cows and chickens meat and not even a single non-veg person knows the reality behind how these animals are treated. They are slaughtered. Just imagine yourself prisoned in a cage with hundreds of other animals where you can’t even turn your neck and in the end you will be murdered. Scary? Well, 25 billion animals are treated in the same way and are killed by the meat industry every year. If you are a non-veg person then I would just like to inform you that an average meat-eater is responsible for the death of 90 animals per year. The cruelty against animals is the biggest reason that you should turn vegetarian, right now.

  • Because it’s no more healthy

Non-veg food is full of vitamins, nutrients and other important stuff useful for body need. This might be the biggest reason for a person for eating meat. Let me tell you few things. The meat which you eat stays there in your intestines for a very long period of time so that it can putrefy and create toxins. These toxins increases the burden on the liver and can result in causing colon cancer.

One pound of steak contains 14 grams of urokinase which effects the metabolism function of the body. Also, meat lacks fiber and cellulose which can create constipation and can result in piles.  It is known fact that meat contains high amount of cholesterol and saturated fats which can create cardiovascular diseases. Not only this, when you burn or roast a piece of flesh, it releases a chemical element known as methylcholanthrene which causes cancer.

Now you must be thinking that the meat you eat is clean and safe and proper inspections are done. Think again. There are hundreds and thousands number of cattle and chickens, ready to be slaughtered. Nobody cares to inspect them all.

  • Because it effects the environment

How eating non-veg food can effects the environment? You will understand this after knowing few facts. Since 1960, 25% of rain forests have been cleared and burned to create pasture for beef cattle. Four ounce of meat hamburger is made from clearing 55 square feet of tropical rain forest. To raise a cattle for meat we need food and water. 2464 gallons of water is used to produce a single pound of beef. You will be shocked to know that almost half of the water consumed in US goes to growing of feed for livestock to make meat.

Equal to one football field of rainforests are cleared every second, just to produce 257 meat hamburgers. Another strong reason that you should turn vegetarian now is that being a veg you can reduce the production of CO2. Producing beef for one single hamburger releases 75 kg of CO2 which is equal to the same damage you will cause for driving your car for three weeks.

Source: updatedtrends.com
Source: updatedtrends.com
  • Because it will result in world hunger

It is obvious that the cattle or animals which are raised for producing meat needs food. Crops are harvested to feed them. In a place where countries are suffering from hunger, malnutrition and millions dying of starvation, is it worth to raise cattle just for meat. Do you know that 1/3rd of the grain harvested in the world is used to feed livestock instead of humans who actually need them? We are not saying that you should not feed animals. We are just trying to let you think that how beautiful and peaceful this world will become if the food generated for livestock is fed to the people who are starving.

  • Because it’s against many religions.

Well, we are not debating here. Many religions terms killing of animals for food as a crime or sin. If we could love dogs and cats and we can be friends with them, then why not with other animals. They also feel. They also need love, care and affection. Why slaughter them?

The reasons for you to turn vegetarian can never end, but these are the few strong reasons. One of the biggest reason for you to turn vegetarian is that it will give you a feel of happiness and kindness that you are not killing anyone for your food.

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