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Yoga for Pregnant Women

Yoga for pregnant women  is the easiest and the best natural way to deal with all the problems one has to face during the Stages of Pregnancy. Yoga not only gives a woman the strength but also relaxes the mind. Doing yoga in pregnancy reduces stress levels and also relieves pain. Prepares the body for labor, birth and postpartum difficulties.

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In the 9 months of pregnancy a woman has to deal with lots of complications like mood swings, fatigue, morning sickness, cramps, breathing problems and muscle relaxin. Yoga postures and breathing techniques ease the pain and all complications are relieved for the complete nine months and also helps in an easier labor and smooth delivery.

For knowing what these 9 months of Pregnancy are like!


Something to know about Yoga in pregnancy

A pregnant woman must take Doctors’ advice before starting any kind of Yoga. A Yoga Instructor would be the best to help. For those women who are doing yoga for the first time must start slowly and gradually. Yoga must be avoided in the first Trimester, or should be done under some instructor’s presence only as the first three months are the most crucial and chances of miscarriage are very high.

Yoga Postures for Pregnant women

The Postures/ Asanas given below are very simple and easy to start with. These postures are specially selected from many of yoga for pregnant women and focus on strengthening the pelvic muscles to enhance the womb space for easy and healthy growth of the baby. Here’s a list of the Top Asana/ Poses with their benefits in Pregnancy.

sukhasanaSukhasana– Benefits

Calms body.
Strengthens  Back.
Stretches Knees, ankles and legs.
Relieves Body Stress and Anxiety.
Improves Alignment.
Helps in Muscle Relaxin.

vakrasanaVakrasana (Twisted Pose) – Benefits

Flexibility of back and Spine
Stretches back, trunk, shoulders and hips
Soothes Abdominal organs
Improves digestion and metabolism
Calms and relaxes mind

cat pose

Marjari Asana (Cat Pose) – Benefits

Muscle Stretching
Flexibility of Back and Spine
Strengthens wrist and shoulder
Relaxes mind
Improves Blood Circulation

butterfly poseBhadrasana(Butterfly pose) – Benefits

Strengthens Inner Thighs and Pelvic region
Improves flexibility
Stimulates reproductive organs
Improves digestions
Relieves stress and pain
Relieves Fatigue
Best Asana for smooth normal delivery

utkasanaUtkatasana (Chair Pose) – Benefits

Strenghthens Hips and Chest muscles
Strengthens torso and lower back
Stretches Chest and shoulders
Tones and relaxes muscles of thighs, legs, ankle and knee
Improves determination

VirabhadraVirbhadrasana(Warrior Pose) – Benefits

Strengthens arms, legs and back
Improves Stamina
Relieves stress
Relieves Pain from shoulders
Tones abdomen muscles


Yastikasana (Stick Pose) – Benefits

Exercises Pelvic and Abdominal muscles
Stretches complete body
Strengthens back and thighs
Calms Mind
Improves Concentration

Parsva KonasanaParsva Konasana(Side Angle Pose) – Benefits

Stretches body, thighs and arms
Improves flexibility
Exercises on inner thighs and pelvic muscles
Improves stamina
Improves Posture
Relieves back pain and muscular cramps

Pregnant woman practicing Mountain PoseParvatasana(Mountain Pose) – Benefits

Improves Body Posture
Relieves Back Pain
Gentle stretching
Strengthens Lower body and Joints
Improves Concentration
Calms Mind

ShavaasanaShavasana (Corpse Pose) – Benefits

Do it in the end after completing your Yoga Poses
Calms your mind
Relaxes your body
Improves Blood Pressure
Reduces Anxiety
Helps in Insomnia

Important Safety Measures

Although above given Asanas and Poses are simple and effective. Do try them in supervision of a Yoga instructor. Do ask your doctor before trying any of them. If you ever feel dizzy while performing any asana, Stop and breathe normally. Stretch only as much as you can, Do not push yourself to complete the asana.

Do perform Yoga poses with an empty Stomach, do not eat or drink before doing yoga. You can eat and drink after 15 minutes of completing Yoga. Do take good care of your health and Diet in Pregnancy.

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