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Do you feel ashamed of your short height? Want to increase height naturally after puberty? Do you want to try simple and safe methods that will surely help you increase your height? Well, you must have heard that height does not increase once you have reached puberty. Well, this is true, but the other side of the coin is- Yoga is the only safe way, you can increase height even after puberty. Although there are many effective yoga postures that help in increasing height naturally, but here we will discuss about the 10 Most effective Yoga postures that are going to show results in the minimum time. Every person wants a good height and good height not only makes your personality looks better, but also increases our confidence.

Using yoga as your support to increase height is not only natural, but it is totally safe. Yoga is great for your overall body and mind too. Usually at the age of 13 in girls and 15 in boys, the height stops and that is because you reach Puberty. But with Yoga, one can improve his/her height even after puberty. This might be a slow process for some, but it will increase your height. The only key is hard work and persistence.

Here are 10 most effective yoga postures to increase height naturally after Puberty. Practicing yoga after puberty, helps in increasing few inches and also provides calmness to mind and strength to all parts of your body. Yoga, as we all know comes from the ancient times, so we must respect Yoga and should have full faith before starting practicing it. Make sure you find a good Yoga teacher for guidance. Doing Yoga the correct way is very important to get the best results.

Yoga Postures to Increase Height Naturally after Puberty

Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutation

Surya Namaskar is performed facing the sun and it contains 12 steps. This yoga posture basically focuses on stretching every body part. Apart from increasing the height, Surya Namaskar further strengthens the muscles and make them more flexible. please refer to the image below to learn How to do Surya Namaskar.

surya-namaskar-sun-salutation to increase height

Bhujangasana – Cobra Posture

Bhujangasana is also known as Cobra Posture. Lie on your stomach with toes stretched out. Keeps legs close, feet touching each other and Hands below the shoulders. Putting pressure on your hands, lift your chest up. Make sure you put equal pressure on both your hands. Stretch your head back as much as you can.

Source- ArtofLiving
Source- ArtofLiving.org

Tadasana (Vrikshasana) – Tree Pose

Tadasana is also known as Tree Pose. To do Tadasana, you must stand straight with arms on your sides and feet flat on the floor. Slowly and gradually, place your right foot on the inner thigh of left leg. You may find it difficult in starting, so keep the foot as higher as you can. Do not over stress yourself. Balance yourself on left leg, keeping it straight. Now brings your palms together, in front of your chest and slowly raise then joined hands over your head. Stretch as much as you can.

Source- healthbeautylife.com
Source- healthbeautylife.com

Natrajasana – Lying Down Body Twist

Natrajasana is also known as Lying down body twist. As the name suggests, the yoga posture is done lying down. Lie down on your back with your arms stretched out horizontally and legs straight and close. Now bend your knees to bring your feet as close as you can to your hips. Feet should be flat on the ground and knees close to each other. Swing the knees to left side, stretch yourself as much as you can. Slowly and gradually, your knees will start touching the ground.

Source- theyogasanctuary.biz
Source- theyogasanctuary.biz

Trikonasana – Triangle Pose

Trikosana also known as Triangle pose. The yoga pose is done with open eyes, standing with feet about 3 ½ ft apart. Turn left foot 90 degrees and right foot 15 degrees, make sure your weight is equally distributed on both your feet. Stretch your arms horizontally, parallel to the ground and bend towards the left, so your hand can touch your left foot and the right hand is straight up towards the sky. Your eyes must look on the hand raised above. You should repeat the yoga on the other side as well. Stretch yourself as you can, slowly and steadily you will master this yoga pose.

Source- ArtofLiving
Source- ArtofLiving.org

Ardha Chakrasana – Wheel Pose

Ardha Chakrasana means, half Wheel Pose and thus is also known as Wheel pose. In Ardha Chakrasana, You must stand straight with feet close to each other and arms on either side. Stretch both your arms over your head and bend backwards. Bend as much as you can, feel the stretch. It is not possible that you do this asana in the first attempt. Slowly your body will get more flexible and you will be able to bend more. In a few days, you will be able to bend backward completely to touch the ground with your hands and make Half wheel pose.

Source- TheBestHealth.org
Source- TheBestHealth.org

Hastapadasana – Standing Forward Bend

Hastapadasana is also known as Standing Forward Bend, and as the name suggests the pose is done in standing position. You must stand straight with legs close to each other and hands by your side. Raise your hands over your head and bend forward. Try to bend as much as possible. You will master this pose, once you can bend to bring your head near your knees and touch your feet easily.

Hastapadasana (Standing Forward Bend) to increase height

Adho Mukha Savasana- Downward Facing Dog Pose

Adho Mukha Savasana is also known as downward facing dog pose, and as the name suggests the pose resembles the pose of a Dog bending forward. To practice this pose, you must come on your hands and feet and form a table like pose with your back. Hands should be shoulder width apart and legs hip width apart. Keep hands flat on the floor and head touching the ground, bend the head inwards as much as you can. Your toes will be pointing straight ahead. Stretch your body as much as you can.

Source- ArtOfLiving
Source- ArtOfLiving.org

What to remember while performing yoga postures to increase height naturally?

Every Yoga posture stretches the parts of your body and release positivity inside your body. Yoga not only refreshes you inside out, but is also beneficial for you in every way. While practicing yoga postures, you must keep track of proper steps followed by using the description so as to know about what you are doing? You must give importance to stretching, the more you let your body stretch, the more are the chances on increasing height. Yoga increase flexibility and strength and also helps improve height even after puberty.

It is advised not to put more pressure on yourself than what your body is capable of. Go slow in starting, and you will find your body getting easier to bend and do the Yoga poses as they are meant to be with the passing time. Surya Namaskar is considered as the most effective and important of all because it affects the whole body and uses every part of the body. The one trying to increase in height must use at least this yoga posture continuously.

All of the above mentioned yoga postures help to increase height naturally after puberty. Stay determined and I am sure, you will get positive results. We recommend you to practice these yoga postures on a regular basis for getting faster results. Yoga is a natural and easy alternative but it needs to be performed accurately and regularly. Proper steps and guidance will help you a lot. Never try to take shortcuts while doing yoga or by having any hormonal medicine that assures to increase height.

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