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Surprising Foods that are Killing your Sex Life Silently

Most of the people are aware about what kind of foods are good for sex life, but not so many people actually know that certain kinds of food can affect sex life drastically. While on one hand you are wondering why your sex life is going in a downward direction and on the other hand, you are consuming the foods which are the reason your sex life is getting ruined. Well, no need to worry now as here we list down the 10 surprising common goods that are killing your sex life silently.

Ten foods that are killing your sex life silently 

Foods that kill your sex life

Soy kills Sex Life

Soy contains phytoestrogens and isoflavones, which decreases the testosterone level by 19%. It is found out that more than 120mg of soy a day can result in low sperm count. Apart from this soy causes many effects like loss of body hairs, fertility issue in females and breast growth in males. Say no to Soy and yes to a good sex life.

soy kills sex life

Cheese kills Sex Life

Well gone are the days when you will get fresh and natural cheese. The cheese, which is available in the market is not natural and is treated with antibiotics so that it can remain fresh. These chemicals hamper progesterone, testosterone and estrogen level in the body and increases xenoestrogenes level which results I sexual dysfunction. Try butter if you are craving for cheese.

cheese kills sex life

Mint kills Sex Life

It is a known fact that Mint improves the digestive system and if good for breath but it also affects sex life too. Mint controls menthol, which after cooling down makes you desire less. It cools down the drive for sex. So stick to something else for better breath and digestion and say goodbye to mint.

mint kills sex life
Source- cooks.ndtv.com

Corn Flakes kills Sex Life

You will surely get a shock after knowing that Corn Flakes make you desire less for sex. It contains anti-aphrodisiac which results in the lesser sex drive. Apart from this, Corn flakes a bland diet, which actually lowers sensual desire. So better to choose something healthier and which does not affect your sex life as your breakfast.

cornflakes kills sex life
Source- wikimedia.org

Artificial sweetener kills Sex Life

You might save yourself from diabetes by using artificial sweetener, but you will end up having a bad night with your partner. All artificial sweetener contains Aspartame, which directly lead to decrease in serotonin, which is called happy hormone and is responsible for your good mood. Apart from this artificial sweetener decreases neurotransmitter dopamine, which is needed in good amount for normal sexual desire. Headache, irritation insomnia and anxiety disorders are some other side effects of artificial sweetener. So if you wish to please your partner, use honey in place of artificial sweetener.

artificial-sweeteners kills sex life
Source- liveto110.com

Canned Food kills Sex Life

Canned food always comes to rescue at midnight when you are dying with hunger and can’t find something to eat. They are everywhere and everyone likes them. But soon you will start hating it when you will know that it is the main reason why your sex life is not up to the mark. Canned food contains chemicals like bisphenol-A(BPA), sodium and have very low potassium present in them. These chemicals increase estrogen levels in males. The high amount of sodium present in canned food leads to high blood pressure, thus hampering blood flow to sexual organs.  Canned food can cause serious diseases like erectile dysfunction, breast cancer, heart disease and prostate cancer. You have been warned. Stay away from canned food.

canned-food kills sex life

Soda and Cold Drinks kills Sex Life

If you are the person who is always the first to finish his soda bottle and is ready to grab another then we have some news for you. Apart from well known facts that these drinks cause obesity, dental problems, mood swings and hell lot of other diseases, there is one more. These drinks contain brominated vegetable oil, which affects male infertility and causes impotence.

soda and cold drinks kills sex life

Coffee kills Sex Life

Everyone loves coffee. We all are addicted to it. Morning seems incomplete without a hot cup of coffee. However, drinking coffee in large amount can be dangerous. It induces stress causing hormone, cortisol into the body. Too much of coffee can disturb the working of adrenal glands thus causing hormonal imbalance and stress. So let the cup of coffee be as small as possible.

coffee kills sex life

Chips kills Sex Life

From 2 years old kid to 70 years old uncle, everyone loves munching chips. They are easily available in different flavors. However the problem with chips is that they are prepared in rancid oil at very high temperature. This deadly combination of rancid oil and high temperature damages tissue of the body and interferes with regulation of sex hormones. We agree that they are tasty, but now it’s on you either choose chips or having a good time with your partner.

Chips kills sex life
Source- womenshealthpedia.com

Alcohol kills Sex Life

Now we don’t have to tell you that alcohol is not good for you. Alcohol is a major cause for millions of disease, but it also affects sex life. Alcohol reduces the production of testosterone. Females may face problems in their menstrual cycle while males may end up being impotent. Be in your nerves when you are with your partner.

Alcohol kills sex life
Source- interestingthings.info

Now, when you know the 10 surprising common daily foods that are killing your sex life silently. Stay away from all these Sex killing foods and enjoy the best time with your partner.

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