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There are so many options for treatments like Allopathy, Homeopathy, Acupressure, acupuncture, Ayurveda, Naturopathy and many more. But still people go for some really weird, strange, unusual, rare and Bizarre Medical treatment practices to get rid of their medical problems. These 10 bizarre medical treatment are so weird and strange that you will think 1000 times before even thinking to try.

Dead Mouse Therapy

Would you like a dead mouse in the mouth as a medical treatment?
Well Ancient Egyptians did try this bizarre medical treatment to ease toothache. Not just for toothache, but to ease pain of other body parts, Dead mouse paste was blended with other ingredients, and the paste was applied to the body parts paining. If you think only Egyptians used a mouse for medical treatments, read on. In Elizabethan England, a dead mouse remedy was used to treat warts. To treat warts, a mouse was cut in half and then the mouse was applied onto the wart. Mouses were also used to treat many other ailments like, whooping cough, measles, smallpox, and bed-wetting. Would you like to try some bizarre medical treatment using the Mouse?

dead mouse therapy

Sheep Liver Diagnosis

The most Bizarre way to diagnose illness! Sheep Liver Diagnosis. No blood test, No medical equipments, just a sacrificed Sheep and its Liver. Seems weird, Isn’t it?
In Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq), Patients were not examined, but the liver of the sheep sacrificed by the patient was examined by the medical practitioners and medical judgments were made accordingly. Do you want to sacrifice a sheep to get a medical judgement?

sheep liver diagnosis


What’s the best treatment for stammering? Some therapy, counselling, medicines or Hemiglossectomy? Well, the Doctors in the 18th and 19th centuries often used to use the bizarre medical treatment called Hemiglossectomy to treat stammering. In Hemiglossectomy treatment, the tongue of the patient was cut off half. You will be shocked to know that Hemiglossectomy is still practiced. But only to treat oral cancer.
Was, Hemiglossectomy such a big problem that cutting half of the tongue looked better to people. Weird!!


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