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Goat Testicles Implant

John Brinkley was one of the richest doctors in early 1900 in America without any medical qualification. Shocked? Well Dr. John Brinkley claimed that he can cure impotency, infertility, and all other sexual medical problems. Do you want to know how? He used to surgically implant the testicles of a Goat into a man’s scrotum. There is no medical evidence if he succeeded in curing sexual medical problems, but many patients died during the surgery.

goat testicle implant

Curing Coughs with Snail Syrup

Would you like to cure your cough with a dead snail syrup? A doctor in 1728 wrote that, “They abound with a slimy juice; and are experienced very good in weaknesses and consumption, especially for children and tender constitutions. To make a syrup of snails, take Garden snails, early in the morning while the dew is upon them, one pound; take off their shells; slit them; and with half a pound of sugar, put them in a bag; hang them in a cellar and the syrup will melt and drop through; which keep for use. It possesses in the best manner all the virtues of snails.”
Not just cough, many people drop the slimy foamy juice they get after pricking a snail in their ears to treat ear ache. I would better bear my cough or earache than using using a snail, what about you?

snail syrup to cure cough

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Hirudotherapy or Leech therapy

Hirudotherapy is also known as “treatment that sucks,”. The treatment involves European medical leeches to suck blood of the patient. Only Medical leeches are used in this healing treatment and not the wild or leeches you find in your garden. Hirudotherapy leeches are used to treat many medical problems like blood clotting, to relieve venous pressure to reduce swelling, to stimulate blood flow, and also to treat certain types of osteoarthritis. This bizarre medical treatment, Hirudotherapy is still used in many countries.

Hirudotherapy or Leech therapy

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